When is Children's Day in China

Children's day in other countries

Children's Day is held in more than 145 countries around the world. Sometimes it is called World Children's Day, sometimes International Children's Day or International Children's Day. In all of these countries the day is celebrated to raise awareness of the special needs of children and especially children's rights. It is very different how the day is designed. It can be a special day for children, it can be a holiday with gifts and celebrations, but also a day with political demonstrations.

There is no internationally standardized date. In more than 40 countries, especially in many Central and Eastern European countries and the successor states of the former Soviet Union, but also in China and the USA, June 1st is celebrated as International Children's Day. Other countries have chosen a different date.

In Germany and Austria there is International Children's Day on June 1st and World Children's Day on September 20th.

For the United Nations, November 20th is International Children's Rights Day because this date represents the birthday of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

On February 28, 2019, Thuringia was the first federal state in the Federal Republic of Germany to decide that September 20, i.e. World Children's Day, is a public holiday.

Here you can see when it's Children's Day in various other countries:

Germany:June 1st International Children's Day, September 20th World Children's Day

Austria:June 1st International Children's Day, September 20th World Children's Day

Switzerland:June 1st International Children's Day

Albania:June 1st Children's Day

Argentina:second Sunday in August Children's Day

Bolivia:April 12th Bolivian Children's Day (Dia del niño)

Brazil:October 12th Children's Day (together with the day of the apparition of Mary, Nossa Senhora da Imaculada Conceição

Bulgaria:June 1st Child's Day (Den na deteto)

China:June 1st Children's Day

Chile:first Sunday in August Children's Day

Finland:November 20th Children's Day

India:November 14 Children's Day (birthday of Jawaharlal Nehru, India's first prime minister)

Japan:May 5th Children's Day (originally a festival for boys only, since 1948 for all children)

Canada:June 1st Children's Day

Kosovo:June 1st Children's Day

Cuba:third Sunday in July Children's Day (Dia del Niño)

Mexico:April 30th Children's Day (Dia del Niño)

Paraguay:August 16 Children's Day (this date was chosen in memory of the Battle of Campo Grande on August 16, 1869, in which thousands of children were used as soldiers and killed)

Poland:June 1st Children's Day (Dzieñ Dziecka)

Romania:June 1st Children's Day (Ziua Copilului, this day is a non-working public holiday)

Russia:June 1st International Children's Day

Slovakia and Czech Republic:June 1st Children's Day

South Korea:May 5, South Korean Children's Day (It is an official holiday when families usually visit kid-friendly amusement facilities, such as zoos or theme parks.)

Spain:second Sunday in May Children's Day (Día del Niño)

Taiwan:April 4th Children's Day (It is a public holiday. If Qingming - the Chinese funeral festival - falls on April 4th, Children's Day is celebrated on April 3rd. If April 4th is Thursday, the day after. )

Thailand:second Saturday in January Children's Day

Turkey:April 23rd Child's Day

Tunisia:January 11th Children's Day

Hungary:last Sunday in May Children's Day

United States of America:June 1st Children's Day

(Source: Wikipedia)