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Worst album cover ever

Some are vulgar, others tasteless or meaningless - many combine all bad attributes: Brent DiCrescenzo has compiled "The Worst Record Covers of All Time" at Pitchfork. Of course, this is a subjective selection, but it contains a lot of things that are badly remembered when leafing through the albums. Continue reading ...

Brent DiCrescenzo about his selection criteria: »Finally, my criteria of what is 'bad' warrants mention. Some of these images are downright vulgar. Some of them show a complete lack of artistic skill and execution. A greater portion fail because they neglect to serve their purpose: to represent and sell the music inside. Most album covers are 'bad'. But this is expected, as most albums are bad. In my mind, true, inexcusable failure occurs when the means and resources are at hand, but nothing comes together. Or when an established artist takes a wrong turn. Expectation is everything. Mission to Mars deserves consideration as The Worst Movie Ever over an Ed Wood film because of the budget, cast, and creators involved. Then again, sometimes nothing beats plain funny. Which is why, in the end, I hope that a similar list can be created in 30 years. Music not only evokes imagery, it desperately needs it for fulfillment. "
The author has taken the trouble to group related taste aberrations: offensive, collages, surreal kitsch ... Have fun on the multi-page sightseeing tour.

Some of the highlights:

This collection of Heintje covers is also worth seeing ...

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