Is Trump's foreign policy a garbage fire

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With all the about-face
And also my joy ..

What remains, however, is further knowledge.
Capital needs land, material to secure air-filled capital investments.
To get their NWO out of it.

Not only that ,

What will happen to whom the only protecting power is Israel,
Can't afford war anymore.
This is not about technology, but u, infantry.
The booty of capital "Jerusalem", through two wars, is at stake.

This is also seen by those like Uri Avnery (Jew and alternative Nobel Prize winner),
Who sees the Jews' right of exiteness on Israel as lost.

Because it still holds on to lies, unforgivable arrogance, and oppression.
But woe to the day of weakness.

Capital needs land as security,
And this can only be gained through conquest.

Its probably. Also the incorporation of third-party capital, which is based on material assets, which I think is the main reason for the incorporation via a tax on assets of over € 100,000,

This return is at least secured,
But who, as today's citizen, can still afford to add an additional mortgage? Which bank will cover it?
Since, in turn, there is no guarantee of repayment in the long term,
Which in turn was permanently destroyed by the economic structure of the capital mafia.

Wherever I look, I hardly see any scope for a successful NWO.

But also that these processes come to an end through a thermal process.
(No nuclear war, but the end of today's global system in all its facets)

I can only watch it
We will no longer influence this process.
Even not “getting involved” would be misunderstood.

The process has its dynamics,
Which has now reached its limit and will therefore move towards its center again,
Or burst.

Which both only add to the beginning of a new era.

So goodbye packing your suitcase, where should you go?
It will be exciting .

For my part, I stay where I am, because this is where I wanted to be born, for whatever reason.

And what you Jens and many others do is valuable, I enjoy how. More and more people
Wake up and deal with content, how valuable is this earth, how free should we humans be, what is religion, where is the truth.

There's so much observation of what's happening today
Perhaps this will shorten the oppression of all living beings?
That would be a lot, which is very valuable through what is just happening,
Even if millions of bodies die in the process.

If their souls were finally able to free themselves again.