Can rabbis have tattoos

Can you be buried in a Jewish cemetery if you have a tattoo?

Gesher Hachayim , Volume 1, Chapter 25, Paragraphs 1-2, says:

A famous [word that I do not recognize] that has separated itself from the ways of Judaism and removed from itself the entire yoke of the law of the Jews: There is none Avelus (Grief) for him ... but you have to bury him and work towards his funeral and dress him for it ...

But the city dwellers or Chevra Kadisha (Funeral Society) can prevent the Jewish burial of a known sinner in order to “close the sin gap”.

I doubt that one Chevra Kadisha would now refuse to deal with someone who was tattooed. (But see comments on the answer.)

Isaac Moses ♦

... because a tattooed person is very different from a "famous sinner", right?

msh210 ♦

@IsaacMoses, well and no. If there was a tattoo outbreak anywhere in the otherwise religious Jewish community and someone was the leader of this pack known for getting tattoos and he died during the outbreak, then (a) he would be a known sinner (though he would only have one sin that he would be known for) and (b) not burying him would likely serve as a stopgap measure. But under most circumstances, as I can imagine, tattooing is usually not enough sin for one Chevra Kadisha, so as not to want to bury someone.

Isaac Moses ♦

@ msh210, The defining feature of the scenario you mentioned is the ring routing rather than the tattoo.


@ msh210: The word in the source that you did not realize is פוקר, which means that someone openly and brazenly violates the halacha. The average Jew who has tattoos these days does not fall into this category; The ringleader in your hypothesis could be, but not necessarily, his followers (much less תינוקות שנשבו).


@ msh210. A tattoo artist?