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Blosmusek at Iechternach on the Trifolion

There are two great harmonies in the program.

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Trifolion Echternach
The finest brass music at the Harmonie Echternach Music Open

The Whitsun Concert of the Harmonie Municipale Echternach, which has already become a tradition, will take place this year on Saturday, May 14th at 8 p.m. in the Echternach Trifolion. Two large harmony orchestras will perform on this evening.

The concert will begin with the Harmonie Royale Grand-Ducale Luxembourg (Grund-Fetschenhof-Cents-Pulvermuhl) under the direction of François Schammo. The military musician (horn player) has been at the helm of the club since 1999 and has put together a very special program for the Echternach audience.

The guest orchestra starts its program with "Olympic Fanfare & Theme". This work was composed by John Williams for the opening ceremony of the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.

From the west coast of America we continue to the east coast, more precisely to "Manhatten". This is the name of the work for harmony orchestra and trumpet by Philip Sparke. The soloist is the young Melvin Burger (born 1990), who has also been a member of the Luxembourg military orchestra since 2012. He also gained experience in various other well-known orchestras, such as the Freiburg Baroque Orchestra, the SWR Chamber Orchestra but also the Orchester Philharmonique du Luxembourg and the Luxembourg Jazz Orchestra.

It continues with HARMoNY (WOL) by Tom Braquet. The tuba player from military music composed this work especially for the "National Youth Wind Orchestra Luxembourg" (NYWOL for short). The title consists of the components "Harmonie (ny)" and "NYWOL".

The first part is completed by the approximately 60 musicians with the work "Curtain Up!" by Alfred Reed. Before that, however, you can hear "At the break of Gondwana" by Benjamin Yeo from Singapore. The work outlines some wonderful impressions of the flora and fauna of Gondwana. This is the supercontinent made up of South America, Africa and Arabia before the continents drifted apart.

With a lot of courage and hope, the Harmonie Municipale Echternach under the direction of Daniel Heuschen starts the second part of the concert, titled "Jasper" by Daisuke Shimizu. The work goes back to the gemstone jasper which is considered a mediator of courage and hope and is used in esotericism as protection against diseases.

The euphonist Marius Lentes has played with the abbey town's orchestra on several occasions. The idea to appear here as a soloist quickly came up. The musician of the Dresden Police Orchestra did not want to miss the opportunity to present Johan de Meij's work "Ufo" with a large orchestra, especially since he recently performed the work in Cologne at the end of his music studies at the Hochschule für Musik.

In the next piece, "Miss Saigon", you immerse yourself in the world of musicals. Johan de Meij arranged melodies from the original by Claude-Michel Schönberg for a wind orchestra. The musical is about the love story between Kim and Chris on the brink of the Vietnam War.

Finally, the orchestra and the percussion ensemble from the Echternach Music School will perform the Latin American-inspired work "Gelato Con Caffe" by the Japanese Toshio Mashino. If you can't keep it in your seat: you can dance along ...

Tickets for 15 euros can be reserved under the numbers 72 92 41 or 470 895-1 or purchased directly from www.luxembourgticket.lu. Students pay 8 euros, children under 13 are free.