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Cascada: Glorious moments and risk of contagion

The Eurovision Song Contest 2014 is getting closer and closer and we remember the German contribution in 2013 all the more. Unfortunately, it was not too “glorious” for the title from the German representative Cascada. In lyrics like "Glorious" singer Natalie Horler sings about the time of celebration, the time of good humor and sublime feeling - on the dance floor and in real life. We have taken a closer look at what exactly the lyrics of Cascada are about for you.

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Cascada Lyrics: "Glorious"

"Glooooriooooooous" - who has not caught himself singing along loudly in the car while listening to this song? The German contribution to the ESC 2013 had pepper - unfortunately it was only enough for a meager 21st place.

Singer Natalie Horler took the defeat athletically - it was a great experience to be there. But what exactly are the lyrics about? Cascada owes much of their career to clubs and parties - including their dance floors, on which heated bodies move in ecstasy. "Glorious" pays homage to the memorable moments of a weekend:

"Tonight we can be glorious

We are young at heart and we're free

The world is ours, I can feel the music in me

Glorious, found a love that eyes cannot see

Delirious, oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh "

The euphoria that is sung about here extends to delirium - by the way, the composers of “Glorious” were accused of having made ample use of the title “Euphoria” by Loreen (ESC winner 2012).

Cascada lyrics: "Miracle"

Almost 10 years before “Glorious”, the song “(I Need A) Miracle” was released in Austria in 2004 under the band name Cascade. It climbed the top 25 of the Austrian charts and became a compulsory track on samplers. "Miracle" means something like "miracle" in English. These Cascada lyrics are about the pain you feel when your loved one cheats on you. For emancipated women, the title is hardly anything, because instead of reading the riot act to a friend, singer Natalie Horler asks for a miracle - a miracle to make it clear to her lover that they are meant for each other:

"I need a miracle

I want to be your girl

Give me a chance to see

That you are made for me

I need a miracle

Please let me be your girl

One day you'll see

It can happen to me "

Admittedly, even emancipated women have probably found themselves reacting in a similar pleading manner in their pain ...

Lyrics: Cascadas "Evacuate the dancefloor"

In summer 2009 the dance trio released their third album "Evacuate the dancefloor". The long player made it into the top 10 in Great Britain straight away, and the single of the same name even climbed to number 1. In Germany, too, there was no getting around the title on the radio or in clubs in 2009, and the single landed at number five in the single charts. To this day, the song is one of the big hits at parties and that's exactly what it's about: party, party, party:

"Turn up the music

Let's get out on the floor

I like to move it

Come and give me some more

Watch me getting physical, out of control

There's people watching me

I never miss a beat


Oh, oh, evacuate the dance floor

Oh, oh, I'm infected by the sound

Oh, oh, stop, this beat is killing me

Hey dr DJ, let the music take me underground "

Turn up the music loudly, conquer the dance floor, see and be seen, move to the rhythm - singer Natalie Horler devotes herself entirely to the sound and beat. She is “infected”, seeks help from “Doctor DJ” and asks for the dance floor to be evacuated before infecting anyone. Many dance enthusiasts can definitely identify with these Cascada lyrics - at the latest as soon as "Evacuate the dancefloor" roars out of the speakers.

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