How do I create a new product

LaunchIn 6 steps to a successful product launch

Only an enthusiastic sales team will be able to inspire your target groups. First and foremost, sales need security and trust that the new product will keep what it promises and that there will be no follow-up problems for customers. As the first internal customer, the sales department should understand where the new product closes a gap in the existing portfolio or which trend and which needs of the target groups are covered with this product.

The sales department needs documents and background knowledge in order to be able to tailor the benefit arguments specifically to the target groups and their processes. This is especially true if the product was designed for new target groups. Even with products that achieve their unique position through additional services, it is important to give sales security with regard to the argumentation. You can use the following steps to instill confidence and security in sales.

Put together a launch package

Put together a launch package for sales that summarizes all the important information about the new product, such as benefit arguments, price lists, reference lists, competitor comparisons or customer presentations. Ideally, you should make this information available on the Share-Point so that the sales department can access it at any time and download the relevant presentations for the respective target groups.

Support with tools

Wherever possible, you support sales with tools that facilitate the argumentation of cost savings or cost comparisons with existing solutions directly at the customer. This can be, for example, Excel tables for calculating the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) or potential savings in process optimization.

Use sales app

A sales app can be a practical and useful support for sales, in which all information about the products is clearly presented and therefore quickly accessible.

Offer training

Create entertaining and inspiring training courses. Do not give PowerPoint monologues or fire a “feature avalanche”. Let the sales staff play with the products, give them the opportunity to ask questions and design the training with as many activating elements as possible. In the end, sales should know the three to five most important benefit arguments and the most suitable target groups.

Put together reference projects and success stories

Put together reference projects and success stories for sales. Nothing is more motivating than seeing that the new product works and is being used successfully by the customer.

Accompany sales during customer visits

Plan the support of the sales department during customer visits in the first few months in your schedule.

Create short videos about the new product

For the international branches and agencies, short, simply designed videos about the new product and its handling can transport the most important information even to distant regions.

Create FAQ list

Create an FAQ list for all newly emerging questions after the introduction that you regularly send to sales and trading partners. That creates security and trust.