Kiss is forbidden in India

Kissing in public is prohibited in these countries

Kissing in public is prohibited in these countries

Kissing on the park bench is not allowed everywhere.

Kissing in public

"A kiss is worth a thousand words"is how they say so beautifully. After all, kissing is probably one of the most beautiful tokens of love and everyday in Germany, whether at home or in public. But there are also countries where a romantic kiss on the park bench is anything but allowed and can even result in penalties.

No kisses, please!

Most people go on vacation with their boyfriend, their life partner. This is shown by a result of the travel portal Holidaycheck. A kiss at sunset on the beach, another while sightseeing in the double-decker bus and another while eating pizza in the restaurant. What sounds very natural to us, is even banned by law in Dubai, India, Russia, Malaysia and Indonesia. Here the kiss is already seen as a sex foreplay and therefore does not belong in public. In other countries such as China and Japan, kissing is not prohibited by law, but it is not welcome in public.


Those who travel should also adapt to the laws and culture of the country they are traveling to, or accept them. After all, we expect the same from people who travel to our country. A good saying that you can remember again and again: "It's not better, it's not worse, it's just DIFFERENT." Those who find out about the rules in their holiday destination before their trip have nothing to fear. And it's just great and exciting to get to know a new country and a different culture.

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