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6 more questions & answers about travel (blog stick part 2)

This post is part 2 of the blog stick that travel blogger colleague Sonya threw us. In it I answer 6 questions about travel and at the end of the article I put together further questions for other travel bloggers. Also read part 1 with the first 5 questions and answers from Cori.

So now it got me too. The blog stick on the subject of travel was passed on to us:


What are your biggest worries and fears while traveling and how do you overcome them?

One of my biggest worries is that I will miss my flight or train. However, less because of fear of the consequences, but because I am generally a person who prefers to be “10 minutes early than 5 too late”. If I am late, it somehow makes me “out of round”. So the best way to avoid this worry is to allow enough time to get from A to B. With regard to our trip around the world, it will certainly be even more exciting, as the means of transport are not anywhere near as reliable as in Austria, for example in South America. That only helps flexibility and improvisation, if a connection does not work out 😉

With which famous person (historical, “celebrity”, fantasy figure) would you like to go on a trip? Where would you go?

Hm, how about Captain Cook? I would have loved to go on an expedition to the South Seas with him. But I wouldn't mind if Richard Branson invited me to his private island in the Caribbean and took me on a short tour.

What kind of equipment can you definitely not do without on your travels?

Headphones on the plane. Very important, especially on longer flights. Otherwise, I'm generally pretty inseparable with my smartphone and I'm not used to walking around with a map when I'm traveling. This will also be exciting in areas with poor network coverage.

What was the most delicious and what was the worst thing that you ate on a trip?

At this point I just have to refer to my contribution “6 culinary places where you should have eaten in Hamburg” and in particular to the bar1 where we ate dinner. The whole menu was delicious, but the chocolate balls - they were just good for crying.

multi-course menu with wine accompaniment
chocolate balls - good for crying!

Less good (“disgusting” is such a harsh word) I liked the liquorice coffee in Copenhagen, which Cori let me taste because she didn't like it herself 😉

How would you convince someone who doesn't want to travel that travel is great?

There are many clever sayings about travel such as “The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page” or “Travel is the only thing you can buy that makes you richer” - but to be honest: Not everyone is likes to be out and about and maybe just feels most comfortable at home. You should then accept that and not compulsively persuade the person to do anything. To fuel my own wanderlust (which generally doesn't take much) I like to watch inspiring travel videos on Vimeo or browse my favorite travel blogs. Or just my own photo albums.

If you could only travel for another month what would you do?

Flo: If that meant that I would then die, I would look for some lonely island to do it. And witness so many sunrises on the beach until it's over.
Cori: Annoy me. And then drive away - spontaneously, somewhere, maybe in Papua New Guinea.

So that's it with our answers. Here are 11 new questions that we considered together:

  1. Have you ever been badly misunderstood while traveling, or have you misunderstood someone?
  2. Has something great / funny / weird ... happened to you unexpectedly?
  3. What is your favorite travel souvenir?
  4. Is there a trip that you would no longer do or would do completely differently?
  5. Is there a really useful word besides “hello” and “thank you”, or a phrase you learned in a foreign language while traveling?
  6. Do you remember one mode of transport in particular when you travel?
  7. City trip or out into nature: what do you like more?
  8. Do you prefer to travel with a group or alone? What are the advantages and disadvantages for you?
  9. What tips do you have for traveling cheaply?
  10. What kind of luxury do you indulge in while traveling?
  11. Could you imagine not having a permanent address and just traveling for the next 12 months?

We continue to throw at the blog stick and these questions:

We are really looking forward to your answers. Please write your own contribution and inform us about it in the comments or via pingback. Even if you are not in the list above, you are of course just as welcome to grab the blog stick and answer our questions in your post. Have fun! 😉

Flo, 32, a passionate outdoor fan and a Styrian by choice. In the past, I only considered city trips, but things have changed now. On our trip around the world I discovered diverse natural landscapes and since then I have loved to plunge into new adventures away from the urban jungle. I feel just as at home in the mountains as I do on the water, whether it's climbing, motorcycling, surfing or canyoning.