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Fitness studios closed due to Corona - what does that mean for customers?

By Sebastian Kunze | March 18, 2020, 1:08 p.m.

Because of the risk of infection with the corona virus, the fitness studios were initially closed in individual federal states. There is now an opening ban in the whole of Germany, which should come into force by Wednesday (March 18) at the latest. The contribution fees will still be debited. How the individual chains proceed in terms of reimbursement, what options customers have - FITBOOK has found out more.

Anyone who no longer felt comfortable at the thought of going to the gym may have thought about a termination or looked for ways to freeze their membership. Due to the spread of Corona, nobody is allowed to train in the gym anymore. This affects all chains in all federal states - and accordingly countless customers. So that not all of them get in touch in writing or by phone, most fitness studios inform their members by email or on the website and via social media about what will happen next. Here is an overview ...


McFit customers should not have paid for free. You will therefore receive a credit for free training for the same period for which the premises will now be closed. This is attached to a canceled membership.

So that they can now at least train at home, there is an online course (“Cyberobics”) available to members of McFit.

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With FitX, too, the contributions are credited to customers at the end of their membership.

And: "We are working flat out on a solution for our members in order to give them at least a little bit of the 'For all of us' feeling", the FitX managing directors explained in a statement on Monday. Here, too, online courses could soon be offered to bridge the gap until the studios can reopen.

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Kieser training

Here, too, customers receive time credits for the duration of the closure - at least if they are registered in a company-owned studio. “Studios in license operation are recommended to implement this practice congruently. The decision in this regard is ultimately in the sovereignty of the respective licensee ”, we learn by email upon request.

Whether there is also the possibility of online courses for Kieser Training is currently still being examined.

Fitness first

At Fitness First, reimbursement is a little different. In addition to a credit for themselves, customers also have the option of providing a friend with appropriate training time or, for example, converting it into a full body analysis. It is best to inquire about the individual options directly in your studio!

Members can already access training tips and various 10-minute workouts via social media. "We have also acquired access to the MyFitnessVideo online fitness studio for them," the company says. And with the NewMoove app from Fitness First, users should be able to put together training plans.

Injoy, FT-Club and Elements

The three chains belong to the same franchisor Aciso. There could be no way of dealing with the consequences of the corona crisis equally valid for Injoy, FT-Club and Elements, as FITBOOK learns from a company spokeswoman.

"Individual solutions and procedures for owner-managed entrepreneurs are to be found". Often times, the contributions made are selected as credits for training time or other uses. Food vouchers are also conceivable.

Until the studios can reopen, customers will have access to virtual muscle training units, exercises for relaxation techniques and nutritional recommendations on the online channels. How to proceed and when will be announced in writing (e.g. by e-mail, newsletter) and via the social networks of Injoy, FT-Club and Elements.

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