What instruments are used to check for endometriosis

Investigations in endometriosis

To determine with certainty an endometriosis, one () is possible. One is a procedure in which a thin tube with a small camera is inserted into the abdomen. In this way, endometriosis foci and in the abdomen and in the pelvis can be identified. Endometriosis can also be removed and tissue samples taken during the procedure.

This can rule out endometriosis quite reliably: If no foci are found, it is unlikely that there is hidden endometriosis after all.

If there is a foci of endometriosis in the ovaries or lumps in the pelvis, tissue is usually removed and examined under a microscope. The biopsy confirms that it is actually endometriosis and not another disease or a (rare) malignant tumor.

Because, like any other operation, it involves risks, it should only be considered once a safe one is needed to make a decision about treatment. This is the case when severe pain has a massive impact on the quality of life and everyday life or when endometriosis disrupts the function of other organs.

Treatment with hormonal agents such as, for example, is usually only started after one has confirmed it because of possible side effects.

If the desire to have children is unfulfilled, one is usually only used if various other, less stressful examinations have remained inconclusive and there is a specific suspicion of endometriosis.