Why are you blessed with someone who is special

The "driving school of life", the preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation, is entering its hot phase. Since November 28 young Christians from the parish Herz Jesu Teublitz have been preparing for the sacrament of Confirmation. With the second company meeting, the home stretch of company preparation has been reached.

On Friday evening the confirmants were occupied with the Holy Spirit. "Nothing works in life without enthusiasm", Helga Schmid explained to the young people in a workshop. "The Holy Spirit of God drives you, gives you strength and energy. He protects you and heals you," added Christina Altmann. Based on the story of Pentecost, the confirmers were able to understand the importance of the spirit of courage, forgiveness or the spirit of love.

In a second workshop, Deacon Neumüller, Andrea Weiß and Anneliese Wutz brought the signs of Confirmation closer. So the young Christians are anointed with chrism, a beneficial oil. The donor of the confirmation lays his hand on us and says: "Be sealed by the gift of God, the Holy Spirit". What it means to wear a seal and to be confirmed was also explained.

At the beginning of the second company meeting, Pastor Michael Hirmer showed a film in which Confirmation, its symbols and the motivations of young Christians to be company were illustrated.

Finally, the confirmers met with some parents and godparents in the parish church. With enthusiastic songs they thanked God for the gift of the Holy Spirit and expressed their joy that they would soon receive the sacrament of Confirmation. The focus of the service was God's blessing. Pastor Hirmer laid his hands on the confirmants and blessed them with the words: "You are unique! You are someone special! God has blessed you."

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