What are your favorite requirements management tools

Tiny requirements management tool for single users

ReqView could meet your needs.

It has to be simple enough

and it is advertised as

  • user friendliness

    Capture well-structured requirements in a familiar tabular view similar to MS Word and Excel.

and in fact it has a common editor:

Since you can leave the text blank, it satisfies too

Do not start with any mandatory properties other than a title

Regarding the requirement

enables requirements to be defined (e.g. at a high level)

The website says:

  • flexibility

    Manage requirements, tests, risks, and other project artifacts in one place with any process.

However, in the free version, you can only create one of them. Still enough to manage requirements.

It also fulfills your need for

optional: link between requirements

which is advertised as

  • Traceability

    Link requirements and other objects, search the requirements traceability matrix, and create multi-level traceability reports.

and true when you see this screenshot of the free version:

You also mention

run locally

and the provider's website says

  • security

    Maintain the highest security standards just because no project data is sent to the internet.

The project file is saved locally as a file:

Next you want

Save or at least export in an open file format (such as XML)

where the website responds

  • Open the file format

    Don't be afraid of supplier loyalty. ReqView project data are readable files with an open file structure.

In fact, as long as you don't choose encryption when saving, the file is JSON.


be free (open source preferred)

is fulfilled if you only need one item type to track and have no more than 150 items:

  • Reasonable price

    Use basic ReqView features for free or choose an annual plan that allows for advanced features and remote support.

It allows you

Describe the requirements in a rich text editor, attach images, PDF files or other documents.

and to

Configure your project documents and traceability flexibly. ReqView scales from agile software development projects to complex system development projects that use the V-Model method


Set up custom attributes for requirements, test cases, and risks for your process. For example, you can track the requirement status, priority, target approval or describe an acceptance criterion.

Copy or move objects or entire sections. Edit selected attribute values ‚Äč‚Äčimmediately

Filter requirements that match an advanced logical condition and assess requirement description, attributes, and traceability links. Find a keyword using a full text search.

And AFAI can say the filter works:

Comment on the requirements and update the customer or supplier status.

and more.

Mandatory picture follows:

Thomas Weller

So cool. Totally fit for me. I've edited your answer to add some details for my requirements as well as some more screenshots. Feel free to roll back if you think it's too much


Hahahahahahahhaha !! This is the biggest minor edit I've ever seen :-) You did it so much better than I could have. It sold me. Although I have a few more to see, this looks great. In the worst case scenario, I might have to pay $ 360 a year, but I could probably get by on a single project and 150 requirements. As I find more recommendations, I'll add more answers.