Is Jello good for you

Translation of "Jell-O" in German

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You have to eat this whole bowl of Jell-O.
Crème brûlée can never be Jell-O.
I have some Jell-O from last night.
Mix quark with yoghurt and the liquid Jell-O.
Because he's comfortable with Jell-O.
Brian, give me that Jell-O.
A beautiful, self-absorbed simpleton who can be molded like Jell-O.
Beautiful, selfish simpleton, malleable like Jello.
I filled it up with Jell-O.
I could have traded you for Jell-O and I didn't.
I would have you for Jello can sell and I haven't.
Try the Halloween Jelly Shape with skulls right with our delicious Jell-O Raspberry out.
Try the Halloween Jelly Shape with skulls right away with our delicious one Jello Raspberry off.
Crème bruleé can never be Jell-O.
I'll start you on Jell-O.
He didn't even touch his Jell-O.
I taste bananas and pickles and Jell-O.
An aspic is sort of a beef-favored Jell-O mold.
I realize compared to crème brûlée it's Jell-O but maybe that's what he needs.
Compared to creme brulee it's just Jello... but maybe he needs that.
Did you just say Jell-O mold?
Well, when I look at you, my - My legs turn to Jell-O.
When Judgment Day comes, and it most assuredly will, he'll be in a hospital eating Jell-O.
When Judgment Day approaches, and it will, he will sit in an asylum and eat Jello.
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