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GIMP 10/2/18: New update for free Photoshop alternative now released

The GIMP life has become much more free with the new update 2.10.18. Customize your toolbox the way you like it.

Image editing programs are a dime a dozen. But only very few are able to take on the class leader Photoshop. One of the few exceptions that has tried that is GIMP. In order to get closer to the goal, the free development team of the open source software has now released a new update with GIMP 2.10.18. Fans of the free image editor are happy about some improvements. Tools can now be grouped and there is a new 3D transformation tool that rotates and swivels objects. But the list of news is much longer. At the first attempt, the new version of GIMP for Windows and Linux is available for download. As usual, the update for the Mac version will come later. As always, the current versions can be found at COMPUTER BILD.

Download: Download the GIMP for Windows

Download: Download the GIMP for Linux
Download: Download the GIMP for Mac

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GIMP 2.10.18: Grouping tools

The new function of being able to group tools is activated by default in GIMP 2.10.18. Here users can create new groups, move the tools as desired or otherwise customize the program for better usability, activate functions or deactivate entire groups. The program saves the changes immediately. The new feature has also changed the standard arrangement of the tools. If you don't like that, don't click your thumb, but change it under the Settingsin the Toolboxaccording to his wishes.

GIMP 10/2/2018: Lots of new features

Sliders used in GEGL-based filters and tool options now have a more compact style by default. In order to internalize the operation, memorize these combinations.

The new sliders are also more user-friendly, promise the developers. You have published a graphic showing how you can use the new mouse combinations (see above). In addition, the GIMP developers responded to the community's wishes to bring more contrast to the program. In order not to offend many satisfied users, however, the contrast increase is not being introduced for everyone, but a special, so-called symbol theme with high contrast, can be found under Settings, Icon theme. Furthermore, the GIMP operators are happy about smoother brush movements, the usual jerking should be a thing of the past because the developers increased the refresh rate from 20 fps to 120 fps. A new 3D transformation tool helps change the perspective of a plane or pan around in space. You can set a vanishing point and then rotate the plane around the X, Y and Z axes.

GIMP 10/2/18: Step towards Photoshop

GIMP is increasingly becoming a real alternative to Photoshop. Because now you can load large PSD files twice as fast. It is also possible to load CMYK (A) PSD files, but initially with restrictions, i.e. only 8 bits per channel. The developers are also working on this, and further updates should ensure progress in this area.

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GIMP 2.10.18: Two updates in one

Many of these news items were originally planned for the update in version 2.10.16. However, there was a critical error in this step, so that the current update offers two updates in one. The detailed, official announcement is in English, but there are a few interesting videos that illustrate the new features well. All in all, GIMP October 2nd, 2018 brings a lot of new things, which the changelog documents in detail.

Download: Download the GIMP for Windows
Download: Download GiIMP for Mac
Download: Download the GIMP for Linux

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