Nikola Tesla meditated

Energy systems and vibrations

Energy is in constant exchange with the environment. So we too are in a constant exchange of energy with our environment. We are in exchange with the energy of other people, with information that we receive through the media and we are in exchange with nature and its vibrations.

Therefore, pay attention to:

  • how people and their moods influence your system? Ask yourself, does this mood have anything to do with me or is this the story of the person opposite you?
  • how information affects you, what feelings arise? Are you getting insecure or scared? Sad or happy?

Emotions affect your energy system just like your thoughts. The Institute of Heartmath in the USA has done research on this topic. So the heart should vibrate at 8 Hz in the state of love. In the case of brain waves, this frequency is the transition from the area of ​​alpha waves, which stand for slight relaxation, to the area of ​​theta waves, which characterize deep relaxation. So you could say that a loving heart and a relaxed mind are on the same wavelength.

The earth also vibrates, by the way, this frequency is called the Schuhmann frequency or the earth resonance frequency. It is the oscillation pattern with which the earth pulses: 7.83 Hz. The Schumann frequency, however, is subject to fluctuations and an average value of 8 Hertz can be assumed.

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