How does live polling help conference events


The following companies:

  • Commercial Online Manuals S de RL de CV with headquarters in Mexico and branches in other countries around the world;
  • The company Avron s.o. based in Pressburg (Slovakia) with Avron s.r.l.associated - with headquarters in the province of Cremona;
  • Event fairbased in Pressburg (Slovakia)
  • Construct Data Verlag GmbH FAIRGUIDE.COMbased in Austria;
  • Art-Living.infobased in Germany;
  • Mulpor Companybased inCostarica;

For several months now, we have been sending forms to exhibiting companies asking them to correct their data and are offering an advertisement in a virtual catalog for three years, which can be accessed on the website at

By filling out and signing these forms in which the names of Italian trade fairs and brands of events appear, the exhibitor undertakes to pay an annual fee of EUR 1,181.00.

If you should receive forms or suggestions from these companies,WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU NOT TO SIGN THE SAID DOCUMENTS.These companies also proceed in the same way with regard to numerous Italian and foreign trade fair organizations. Further information can be found on the independent website at and for Italy on the website

We have NEVER AUTHORIZED the named companies to use our name or our event brand. We would like to point out that all official notifications regarding our trade fair event are EXCLUSIVELY forwarded by email and can be identified by the logo of the event, the corresponding year and / or the event number.