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Rome and recovery Settings / data usage - the classic Android view

Good morning,

The day before yesterday I suddenly discovered on my Mi Max that there is the item "data consumption" high up in the settings And in fact, the classic consumption view is hidden behind it, in which you can also freely define a billing period - the ONLY Android feature that I've actually been missing under MIUI for years.
The weird thing is: on the one hand, NEVER seen this way under MIUI, on the other hand, I almost want to swear that this was not available in the Max from the start (mi-globe from December 16). I have no idea how that could suddenly materialize ... Anyone an idea? Or is that old hat for you?

Last night it occurred to me that the Nova Launcher can also conjure up all sorts of settings hotcuts on the desktop. I then tried that and was able to successfully make the data consumption accessible with Redmi 3s and RN3

The nice thing is that you can still see past billing cycles - at least I never found that under Miui's data usage, and the "monthly view" is only very helpful with prepaid cards.
In case someone at Nova doesn't know it yet:
Add widget -> NovaLauncher: select activities. Then scroll down to "Settings", open them up and scroll down to "Data usage", select the one. Finished

Addendum: meanwhile figured out how I unconsciously activated it in the settings: In the developer options the Deactivate MIUI optimization.