What is your opinion on Sean Hannity

Trump's journalistic twinThe journalist Sean Hannity

"Welcome to this special edition of Fox Nation. I am Gregg Jarrett. My guest today: Sean Hannity." Friends interview friends. Fox News presenter Sean Hannity presented his new book to the streaming provider Fox Nation, a kind of Netflix for Americans who think their nation is the best in the world.

"Live or die free. America and the world are on the brink" - so the title and the tenor of the work. The US, so Hannity, is in danger of being destroyed by justice fanatics, a corrupt state apparatus, science and the so-called mainstream media. To raise money for the election campaign, the Republican National Committee is selling signed editions for $ 75 each. It went straight to the top ten of the "Non-Fiction" bestseller list of the "New York Times".

We against them

"Democrats, they are terrified. Their candidate: We all know he is weak and feable. Their radical socialist platform is he most extreme ...," says Hannity.

We against them. The American people, Fox News and Donald Trump against the Democrats with their old and weak candidate, a party that is at its core infiltrated by radical socialists. Sean Hannity not only spreads this message as one of the top-rated presenters on American cable television.

Even on the radio, his actual medium, in which he can look back on a career of more than thirty years, he reaches an audience of millions nationwide every weekday with a three-hour phone call The Sean Hannity Radio Show. He is completely in the tradition of the controversial talk radio that makes quota with the clear positioning of the moderator on the political left or right.

Parallels between Hannity and Trump

Marc Fisher, Washington Post reporter, sees strong parallels between Hannity's and Donald Trump's careers: "They promote each other with their kind. Both are populists, but of a very special kind. They are not the same kind of rich, like you usually see them on television. In their own way, they are still in touch with the common man. "

(Imago Images / Zuma Wire) Allegations against Fox News star
It is not only the complaints of former employees about sexual harassment that cast a bad light on Tucker Carlson: his show, which US President Trump also likes to quote, has long been shaped by a racist.

Both are not intellectuals, they speak a clear language and are not very demanding in culinary terms. Despite all the radicalism that the two put on display: With each of them the average American could imagine having a beer in the bar in the evening, says Fisher. Almost every day, as Olivia Nuzzi researched for New York Magazine three years ago, Trump and Hannity talk to each other on the phone:

"Hannity does not have to be made by the president to do what he wants," said Nuzzi on American radio NPR. Their interests are the same. It is actually a real friendship, insofar as Donald Trump can cultivate real friendships at all. Both are obsessed with the media business and, above all, with numbers and quotas.

Rather "opinion journalist"

But where is the independence of reporting with this close connection? Sean Hannity himself, now a multi-millionaire, doesn't even call himself a journalist. He is more of an "opinion journalist". Nonetheless, it reaches more people than serious newsmakers. Ted Koppel, old master of the American news tradition, has been warning for years that people like Hannity are destroying television journalism in the country. In 2017 they spoke to each other on CBS.

Hannity: You think I am bad for America?

Koppel: Ya.

Hannity: You are cynical.

Koppel: Yes, I am cynical

Hannity, according to Koppel, is bad for the country because he is successful in what he does and because he strengthens many people in their conviction that worldview is more important than facts.

"You have attracted people who are determined that ideology is more important than facts."

And the American President is one of those people. No wonder he praises Sean Hannity every opportunity he gets. Whether their symbiotic relationship will pay off in the long term will be shown after the election in November, among other things.