How do radars recognize rain behind rain

Radar controls: what's behind the red lightning bolt?

Christine Helmö's office is different from most offices. Instead of working in a large room, she works most of the time in a minibus on the side of the road. There, hidden under a bridge, she waits - for a driver who is too fast to step into her speed trap. Because Christine Helmö is from the Deggendorf traffic police. Your job is to set up and set up the fixed flash units and monitor the measurements on your computer.

Ewald Weininger and Silvia Seidl from the rain police station are sitting in the police bus about a kilometer and a half away. They take the drivers caught out of the traffic and check the driver's license and vehicle documents. In the event of a fine of up to 55 euros, she can cash in on the spot. If you exceed 21 kilometers per hour, the driver will be shown a display with a higher fine and a point in Flensburg.

The Deggendorf traffic police have a total of two flash units at their disposal. The operational area extends over the districts of Straubing-Bogen, Deggendorf and Regen. In addition, the Regen and Viechtach police stations together have a laser pistol, while Zwiesel has its own. In total, the Regen police carried out 35 measurements last year and complained about 72 vehicle drivers. "Most of the drivers are very insightful - and one has to mention that with praise", says Ewald Weininger. - fc