Which offices were there in WTC 7

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It's a series of unanswered questions that make conspiracy theorists question the official reports on the 9/11 attacks. One of the sticking points of many theories: Complex seven of the World Trade Center (WTC), a skyscraper that collapsed seven hours after the twin towers.

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The building, which is around 100 meters away from the two main towers, caught fire as a result of the attacks, everyone in it could be saved before it collapsed. The 47-story high office building housed, among other things, the largest office of the CIA outside its headquarters, a department of the Secret Service and the emergency center of the then Mayor Rudolph Giuliani.

Secretly blown up?

That alone feeds the rumors and speculation. If, according to the conspiracy theories, the US government itself was behind the attacks: Was WTC 7 the headquarters of the operation? And should all traces be covered by blowing up the house? The group “Architects and Engineers for the Truth of 9/11” believes it has been proven that the house did not collapse by itself: The images of the collapsing building look like controlled demolition, they argue: such steel structures could never be fired on their own collapse.

They also have an explanation for the fact that there was no explosion noise: University professor Steven Jones believes the supporting steel columns were melted with a secretly developed variant of thermite, a powder made from iron oxide and aluminum. He claims to have identified remnants of the powder in the dust of the rubble.

Official report followed late

It was not until seven years after the attacks that an official investigation by the US Institute of Technology in Gaithersburg presented its report: The fire and not another terrorist attack was responsible. “The collapse is no longer a mystery. It was not caused by explosives or burning fuel oil, ”said investigator Shyam Sunder.

According to the findings, the house, a good 100 meters away, had been hit by the falling rock masses of the twin towers. That damaged the support structure. Short circuits broke out fires on at least ten floors, which ultimately led to the collapse. The study of the third high-rise collapse required complicated computer calculations because there was little evidence left.

According to another US report, the small amount of thermite residue could have come from a primer paint. Assuming that 1.2 million tons of building material were pulverized at Ground Zero, it is not surprising to find traces of practically every mineral compound.

Collapse or Demolition?

As with the “third tower”, theories are also circulating that the two large towers of the World Trade Center were actually blown up in a controlled manner. The arguments used are alleged explosion noises, window panes pushed outwards and the rapid collapse after the fire broke out in Treffen.

Official reports say that the aircraft's almost 40,000 liters of kerosene had been distributed over several floors. The resulting fire would have developed a heat of 1,000 degrees. The load-bearing columns buckled one after the other under the load of the floors, which also caused the noise of the explosion. Blasts were also carried out from the bottom up, but the collapse had taken place from the upper floors downwards.

Cheney and the Pentagon

But other disagreements also fueled the conspiracy theories: Why couldn't the US Air Force intercept the hijacked aircraft? Conspiracy theorists claim that then Vice President Dick Cheney prevented rapid military intervention. Officially, it is said that the military was overwhelmed by the terrorists' unique approach, and that an exercise took place at the Air Force headquarters that day. And communication between the army and civil aviation authorities has also failed.

The attack on the Pentagon is also a mystery: it was initially assumed that it was not an aircraft but a missile that caused the damage to the US Department of Defense. When it could no longer be doubted that the Boeing 757 had crashed into the building, it was again said that the flight maneuver had been so difficult that it could not be carried out by al-Qaeda men. The fact that the crash site of the fourth machine in Pennsylvania is so small and hardly any debris could be seen, in turn, led to the assumption that the machine was shot down.