Is your LinkedIn profile up to date

The 5 tips for your perfect LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is now one of the largest business networks with over 15 million active users in Germany, Austria and Switzerland (as of June 2020). The business network focuses for the most part on the careers of its members. With LinkedIn you can network with a wide variety of people and colleagues from a wide variety of professional sectors around the world.

LinkedIn has become an important part of the professional world for employees, employers, entrepreneurs and startups. Signing up on the LinkedIn professional social network opens a gateway to business and enables you to create new relationships. The network is particularly advantageous for young professionals.

The motivation to create a profile on LinkedIn may be great at the beginning, but very few continue to edit and adapt their profile over time. Can you remember the last time you updated your profile? No? Then the following tips will help you to create a perfect profile.

1. Serious and appealing profile picture

“He who seeks finds,” is the saying. Did you know that most of the companies you apply for googling you before they accept you or, if necessary, refuse them? As in real life, the first impression counts on the Internet. Some profile pictures on LinkedIn are sometimes very questionable. The profile pictures are either simple selfies, pixelated or unprofessional pictures. Take the time and invest in a profile picture with which you would also apply. Because the first glance of a visitor usually falls on your profile picture.

2. Short and crisp profile description

The next look after the profile picture falls on the profile description. The description under your first and last name is crucial and should describe you as a person. Describing yourself and bringing out your own strengths and weaknesses is usually not easy. But take your time and write an interesting and meaningful description. You give your visitors the chance to get to know you and you can present yourself from your best side right from the start.

3. Update and maintain your profile

In order to keep your contacts up to date, maintaining or updating your profile is just as important as having an up-to-date résumé for an application. The job change or the newly acquired skills can be significant for your visitors. Making new contacts is very important these days. Therefore, after a conference or a trade fair, it is worth networking with contacts that you meet there and who appeared to be important to you in order to be able to maintain contact in the future. So you are constantly expanding your network.

4. Create a profile URL

Very few people know that you can create your own URL on LinkedIn. Because most of the URLs that LinkedIn assigns don't sound so nice. That is why they offer their users the option of adapting their profile URL so that it is easier to remember. You should definitely take advantage of this option. It is important to use a URL that is quickly recognizable and has something to do with you, such as your first and last name. With the help of this option, your chances of being found will be higher.

5. Be active on your profile

It is important to show your contacts that you are active. So post, comment and like relevant content as well as the latest news appropriate to your industry. Because the more active you are, the more your reach and the discovery of your profile increases. Perhaps the active sharing of interesting articles will open the door to new projects or requests for cooperation. And with the help of the analytics option on LinkedIn, you can see exactly how many people you have reached with your posts and who has viewed them.

The American platform LinkedIn is already a stepping stone into the job market for many people in society. Since a lot of companies as well as recruiters use the network, it is important to keep your profile up to date and to maintain it.