How do you kill a spider

Two ways to gently get rid of spiders in the house

By Christian Glass | September 30, 2020, 4:34 p.m.

Spiders are one of the most important beneficial insects in the garden. But hardly anyone wants it in their own four walls. myHOMEBOOK gives tips on how to drive spiders out of your home without killing them.

We don't see many spiders in the house or in the apartment, because most species reach a maximum size of seven millimeters. It remains to be seen whether this is good news for someone with a spider phobia. The fact is: They don't hurt us. Because of the approximately 1,300 spider species in Germany, only two can bite through human skin with their mouthparts and inject their venom. On the one hand, there is the water spider that lives under the surface of the water in ponds or lakes. It's pretty rare. The other type is called Ammen-Dornfinger. You should beware of it - it usually lives in the great outdoors. This article will tell you how to gently get rid of spiders in the apartment.

Two methods that can be used to get rid of spiders from the house

1. The glass method

Many know the trick. Nevertheless, it should not go unmentioned here: Take a glass and a piece of paper. Put the glass over the spider, then slide the paper under the glass. Then out with the spider in the garden or on the balcony.

Or throw the spider out the window. Don't worry, spiders survive falling from a great height, at least if they land on soft ground such as grass, beds and bushes. When falling, the small animals spread their legs in all directions, thus achieving more air resistance.

2. The spider-catcher method

If you are not comfortable with the method with the glass, you can try a spider catcher. You can get such a device in stores for as little as ten euros. Because of the long handle, you automatically keep a sufficient distance from the spider. Simply hold the other end of the rod to the animal, then push a button and slide a disc underneath and the spider is trapped. You can then move them out, preferably a little further away from the house. This increases the chance that the insect won't crawl back into the house.

Do you have a heart for spiders - at least in the cold season! Spiders look for a warmer place to spend the winter, usually in the basement, shed or garage. If you don't mind, leave the animals there until it gets warmer. The beneficial insects do not survive in the cold.

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Sucking in is usually fatal

Suck up spiders with a vacuum cleaner and get rid of them - that is guaranteed to be fatal for the animals. This has even been scientifically proven in a study. For the experiment, researchers sucked in 240 spiders, which hardly any spider survived.

Preventive measures against spiders in the apartment

Window cracks are THE gateway for spiders. You should therefore always seal them well - if only because of the drafts in winter. This also applies to house and cellar doors. Close-meshed fly screens on the windows are also helpful.

Again and again it is recommended to put lavender in tufts on the windowsill to get rid of spiders. This sometimes looks decorative, but whether the spiders are really scared away by the smell is questionable. This also applies to vinegar, mint or eucalyptus. The best measure is still: do not attract spiders in the first place! So always keep the apartment nice and clean and don't leave food standing around.

Why are spiders useful?

Spiders eat insects such as mosquitoes, flies, small grasshoppers, aphids and other plant-sucking insects. Sometimes they even eat wasps! The prey gets caught in their spider webs and sticks to them. You don't want to see the nets in the house, in the tool shed or on the hedge such a spider web can look attractive. Especially when the sun shines through.

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