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If IT outsourcing to Asia sounds too risky, and you would like a software development team in Europe that shares your work ethic and prefer to operate within an acceptable budget, you could consider nearshore outsourcing to Ukraine. With Daxx you can get access to the largest IT talent pool in Europe with specially recruited IT staff and nearshore development services.

About Daxx

Daxx is a Dutch technology partner who connects other companies with talented software developers from Ukraine.

Our team

Daxx has been on the market since 1999 and since then has helped more than 300 companies around the world to set up their outsourcing software development teams in Ukraine - from the Netherlands, Germany, Israel, the USA and Great Britain, among others.

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One of our top priorities at Daxx is to help companies around the world address the skills shortage in their region through nearshore outsourcing and relocation. With our development centers in 3 large Ukrainian IT centers - Kyiv, Kharkiv, and Dnipro - we help you put together your own nearshore team in the Ukraine especially for you.

How a nearshore team is set up with Daxx - the process

What makes the Daxx model unique is that each developer is carefully selected just for you to best meet your specific needs. We do not have any employees who are “freely” available. Instead, if necessary, we recruit suitable specialists from a pool of pre-selected candidates. That is how it goes.

  1. Information about the project and the requirements are collected. First, our recruitment team examines the core of your project needs and requirements. (Technology stack, required experience, expertise in specific domains, or professional background) to ensure that the candidates meet your expectations perfectly.
  2. Research and preselection. Once we have a good understanding of your requirements, we scour our database for suitable candidates. After receiving the resumes of proposed developers, you can evaluate the candidates and choose those to interview.
  3. The interview. You will then speak personally to each pre-selected candidate. There are no restrictions on the number of selected candidates or sets of interviews you can hold.
  4. Offer. As soon as you find a suitable software programmer, you can make an offer and start working immediately. We take care of the necessary documents, office furnishings and onboarding processes.

Your developers will work in one of our modern development centers in Ukraine while we take care of all labor law matters and retention of your workforce.

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Nearshore outsourcing with Daxx: advantages

A transparent business model

We don't ask for money for résumés or for interviews. There are no hidden fees or upfront costs. You only incur costs when you start working with your developers.

Don't waste time on lengthy research and preliminary evaluations. We do it for you! All you have to do is check our résumés and interview the best candidates.

If you want to expand your nearshore team, you don't have to look for another technology partner: your team grows with your company. If you want to downsize the team, all you have to do is give us a month's notice.

Any technology, any skill level

With Daxx you get direct access to the largest IT talent pool in Europe. This means that you can employ the developers with many skills: Java, PHP, Python, full-stack developer or any other technology you need.

By working with Daxx, you take full control of your nearshore team and can communicate directly with your programmers using your favorite tools and approaches. No third party stands between you and the developers, so no misunderstandings.

If necessary, our Service Delivery Director is ready to help you in any situation. In addition, we offer Agile Consulting as an additional service to support you in setting up efficient cooperation processes with your nearshore team.

Your nearshore team with us has security. We take care of all aspects of administration and personnel work, hardware, as well as all labor law matters, salary payments, tax payments and team building - so that you can concentrate fully on your product.

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Why Ukraine? 5 facts about nearshore software development in Ukraine

With over 100 international R&D centers in the country, many large global companies, including Samsung, Boeing, Siemens, Oracle and Magento, have chosen Ukraine as a destination for nearshore outsourcing.

1. Large IT specialist pool

With over 166,000 IT specialists and 36,000 university graduates annually, Ukraine has one of the largest talent pools in the world.

2. Practical time difference

With just an hour or two different from Western Europe, Ukraine has a convenient time difference. There is also more time overlap with the US than with other popular IT outsourcing locations.

3. Convenient location

Direct flights to most European cities take place regularly. There are also convenient travel options to America and the Middle East.

4. Good cultural match

The Ukrainian mentality is similar to the work ethic in most Western European countries, as well as the USA. Due to minor cultural differences, communicating and working with Ukrainian developers is easy.

5. Good command of English

80% of IT software developers in Ukraine speak English at an intermediate level or higher.

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