Have you been banned from YouTube

The streamer Dr Disrespect has finally broken his silence. On his first YouTube livestream, he makes a statement about the Twitch ban and confuses his fans.

  • Dr. Disrespect was banned from Twitch more than 40 days ago
  • comeback of the streamer a complete success
  • The entertainer is talking about the for the first time Ban and Money worries.

Encinitas, USA – Dr Disrespect is one of the largest Streamer of the world. A few weeks ago he was still on the platform Twitch active, but on this he was permanently banned for an unknown reason. From then on it was over Guy Beahmlike the former Twitch streamer The real name is, quiet. Now the 38-year-old dropped the bomb and reports in one Livestream on YouTube back in the Streaming world. (Everything about streaming)

Full nameHerschel Guy Beahm IV
Known asDr Disrespect
Birthday / ageMarch 10, 1982/38
place of birthEncinitas, USA
Followers on Twitch4.3 million (as of June 2020)

Dr. Disrespect: Streamer breaks the silence on the Twitch-Ban - but has no clue himself

The Livestreamer Dr. Disrespect is celebrating its streaming comeback on YouTube on August 7th, 2020. Because the Doc, which is probably one of the largest Streaming personalities the world is was up around 6 weeks ago Twitch banned. In his first Livestream on YouTube expresses itself Dr. Disrespect in front of his Fans now to his current situation:

You want to know what happened. Why were you banned Guess. [...] We still have no idea. We have no idea. [...] As far as I'm concerned, we haven't done anything to warrant a ban. And certainly not the way they banned us. No communication beforehand, no contact, nothing. Boom. Finished. The problem is: There are people in the community who are restlessly waiting for an answer. This creates a high level of urgency and leads to speculation. And I think that's just a cockroach's fucking act. Point. The last thing I'm going to say about this, I have to be smart about this whole thing. We are talking about a big contract, about a lot of money [...] There is big money involved. So let's let the legal professionals do their job and let them do what they have to do. My conscience ... I feel so good.

Guy Beahm (Dr. Disrespect)

So complains Dr. Disrespect about that the Twitch Responsible have not consulted with him. Because these have him, despite the things that the Doc pretended to be banned for the platform without communicating or giving reasons for this decision. His too Fans got louder due to the sudden disappearance of their idol, but they are all the more happy about the comeback.

Nothing but love in the Champions Club. Glad you're back! pic.twitter.com/FecTdHnUsd

- Yo! NΛTHΛN (@Yo__Nathan) August 8, 2020

Finally, he emphasizes that this matter is now being examined legally and that he is leaving this matter to the "lawyers". Because of his exclusive contract, which rapper Logic also received despite minimal streaming time on Twitch, big money is now in the game. That is probably because Twitch your Streamer cannot be excluded from a contract without proper justification.

Dr. Disrespect: Comeback on YouTube after Twitch-Ban - This is how the streamer returned

At the beginning of Streams had to be the experienced Streamer out Encinitas, California, to the new platform and terms YouTube get used to. So at the beginning he couldn't even chat with him Fans and overlooked donations of $ 500. This was visibly uncomfortable for him later on and so he apologized several times.

in the Livestream himself looked at the Streamer some videos until it is the most hyped one at the moment Game Fall Guys alluded to. That was the game he came up with Gamer not at all clear and complained that gaming was going in such a simple direction. Then looked at Dr. Disrespect the new trailer for Halo Infinite. In the end he played that for the first time Season 5 in Call of Duty Warzone, which apparently convinced him.

The Audience numbers of Dr. Disrespect exploded as usual. So he reached at the height of the Streams over 500,000 simultaneous spectator. So all in all, it can be said that the hype is on the comeback of Streamers has been enormous. Now Dr. Disrespect made a huge statement in his first live stream after being banned from Twitch. A new game hits the Twitch charts. The colorful battle royale Fall Guys puts viewers in ecstasy. After being banned from Twitch, the giant streamer Dr. Disrespect a tasty surprise because of its comeback. But despite this happy event, Dr Disrespect seems to have big problems, so he speaks openly about his depression in a live stream. There's an interesting new addition to Call of Duty Warzone. Footballer Paul Pogba joined Verdansk FC.

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