How do I reprogram a car remote control

Program the car key / remote control

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    After disassembling my car key, I managed today that at first I could no longer lock and unlock the car using the remote control, the second time (when I was at the gas station) the car no longer started. So the starter went but the engine didn't start. At first I thought I was going crazy because two weeks ago I had my starter swapped because it was apparently stuck and then the new starter was also defective and now I've had my car again with a different new starter since this week.
    Then I noticed that the security light on the [lexicon] NATS [/ lexicon] was constantly on when I wanted to start the car. Then I took my spare key and I was able to start again with it, only it doesn't lock or unlock the car via radio. So my master key doesn't work anymore, neither lock nor start and with the reserve key only starting works. Probably had to have thrown the reserve key out of the [lexicon] NATS [/ lexicon] through trial and error. When disassembling the key nothing broke or anything, I took out the battery and the chip / circuit board and reinserted them without any problems.
    How do I program the keys correctly so that both or one of them unlocks and locks the car and starts?

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    try your luck with this:…t-der-Fernführung-.html

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  • Hello Dominic.

    Thanks for the info, but unfortunately nothing has happened. That the batteries of both car keys may be empty?
    So a key can be programmed so that I can at least start the car but not unlock and lock it. With the other one I've always used, nothing works anymore.