What things are taboo in Bahrain

AIDS is a taboo in the Arab world. Even so, this terrifying word found its way into several blog posts this week: In Jordan, Iraq, Palestine, Bahrain and Yemen.

The Jordanian blogger and doctor Hareega reports of an "unpleasant conversation" that he had with an acquaintance about his work in the HIV-AIDS clinic:

A friend asked, "What's the job doing this month?"

"It's going well, I'm at the HIV clinic three times a week"

“HIV? Like AIDS? "


"Just watch out."

"What should I watch out for?"

He looked at me like an idiot: "Watch out for HIV!"

"Why should I be particularly careful?"

"Well, just be careful, it's HIV, it's AIDS!"

"But why? I don't sleep with my patients in the clinic. "

"I know that, joke, but just watch out, it's about AIDS."

"I don't do drugs with them either."

"I know, I know. But watch out."

"On what?!"

"Listen: I'm not a scientist (obviously), but you have to be careful or I have to take care of you."

Hareega continues:

Since the New Year, 22 new HIV cases have been diagnosed in Jordan. The Jordanians, especially the "educated" ones, know almost nothing about HIV: The trend is falling!

The Iraqi woman Layla Anwar is also angry at how the topic is cut in the Arab world - despite the increasing spread of the disease. While the blogger sees a TV report on the topic, she writes:

A few months ago I saw a program on HIV and other venereal diseases in the Arab world on Al-Jazeerah. The producer has cleverly tried to cut the “sensitive” taboo subjects by selling it as a religious program. As a guest he had invited someone who was both a doctor and theology (Islamic theology).

Layla explained:

There are more and more people infected with HIV in the Arab world. Nobody likes to admit that, but it's true. We all know how HIV is transmitted, and we all know that safe sex and blood tests in blood banks are essential.

So that's not what really interested me about the program. What surprised me was that HIV and STIs are on the rise not only among homosexuals but also among married heterosexual couples.

The guest's specialty was epidemiology and infectious diseases. He reports several cases (which do not appear in the public statistics) of married couples with sexually transmitted diseases. In 99% of the cases, the woman was infected by the man. The men had had unprotected sex outside of marriage, sometimes with other men.

In 99% of the cases, the man believed he did not need protection such as condoms.

So the man comes home from his business trip and gives his wife or girlfriend the ‘kiss of death’.

Says to taboos Layla:

Of course, talking about this subject is taboo in the Arab world. The topic is surrounded by denial and relativization: “There is no such thing in Muslim society!”, “Don't talk about what should the neighbors think?” Etc.

The wall of traditions and culture is so massive that it is almost impossible to speak about the subject in public without being decadent, lewd and amoral ’.

Meanwhile the AIDS victims die quietly, isolated in quarantine rooms from shame and guilt.

Amal Afrom Palestine also talks about AIDS. She was horrified to hear an Egyptian prosecutor tell a man involved in the case that an HIV-positive person such as himself should “be burned alive. You don't deserve life! "

If the Egyptians want to lock up all men who sleep with other men, they will need many new prisons. [...]

It is terrible how AIDS is criminalized !!! Casting out or demonizing HIV-positive and AIDS-infected people will not help protect the Egyptians. But it's not about protecting Egyptians at all. The state is looking for a scapegoat to increase its power “over everything”.

But things are slowly changing and there is hope on the horizon. The Bahraini blogger butterfly will soon take part in a conference in Cairo: "Independent artists and bloggers are responding to AIDS in the Arab region.

وستضم الورشة مجموعة من المدونين والمبدعين العرب في مجال التصوير وصن اعة الا لام السيا مائية ملون لين مائية علمبدعية علم السين مائية نوغن لمة
هذه هي المرة الأولى التي سيتسنى لي فيها حضور فعالية تخص برنامج الامم المتحدة الانمائي في البحرين, كما ستكون المرة الأولى ايضا التي ستتاح لي فيها فرصة اللقاء بالمدونين والمبدعين العرب من مختلف الاقطار العربية. وسأشارككم بالطبع بما سأكتشفه من اسرار وده اليز تتعلق بهذا المرض المخيف الذي لايزال الحديث لابال الحدم لعابا محظون فية ععباد محظون فية ععباد محظون فية

The workshop will bring bloggers and creative Arabs together. The creative people come from the fields of photography, film and other media. For the first time I will take part in an event of the UN Development Program in Bahrain and meet bloggers and artists from all over the “Arab world”. I will definitely share with you the secrets that I learn about the terrible disease - in most of our Arab countries it is already forbidden to just talk about it.

Last but not least, references Armies of Liberation on reports of herbal miracle cures from AIDS. The procedure was developed in Yemen and is said to be able to cure the deadly virus ...