How can I become a good husband

Marriage: Are You a Good Marital Partner?

Are you a good wife or a good husband? (Photo: archive)Married life can be challenging at times. Man quickly feels constricted, woman not given enough attention. Often everyday life also puts a strain on being together. With the quiz from Peter Ehrenbergs "Handbook for the Good Wife", or Doris Burgers "Handbook for the Good Husband", you can find out what qualities you have as a spouse. Take a relaxed look, because the little test requires a dose of humor.

His tools are taboo

There are rules of the game that everyone in a partnership should adhere to. There is one rule that women must observe in any case: even if they like to tackle repairs themselves, reaching into the man's toolbox without authorization is taboo. Because he maintains a relationship of trust with him like you do with your handbag. And after all, you don't want man to rummage around in it either, do you? Tip: give him his freedom and accept his territory.

Man scores with attention

Men, on the other hand, can score with characteristics such as attention or neatness. Even if you as a man occasionally neglect to pay a nice compliment to your wife, a bouquet of flowers for your wedding day isn't too much to ask, is it? Even if your independence is important to you: At the weekend, just leave your tools in the basement and have a nice dinner or a movie with your wife.

Household help promotes sex life

The road to more sex: According to a US study, men who give their wives a good hand around the house have a better sex life. The researchers claim that there is a direct relationship between the amount of housework and, for example, the frequency of sex. "The more men do housework, the happier the women are," says Scott Coltrane, co-author of the study. This is also reflected in sex, continues the sociologist from California.

That little bit of household

Household appliances are a fine thing: Coffee machines, vacuum cleaners and the like help with the little things in life. If the cleaning help comes once a week, the question of order seems to be settled, at least for a large part of the male population. Because the little rest will almost take care of itself anyway, i.e. the woman will take on the unpleasant tasks. But men, watch out: those who help around the house exert a sexual attraction on their wife. In their humorous marriage guides, Doris Burger and Peter Ehrenberg reveal which hand movements, in addition to mopping, stimulate married life:

Book tip The Handbook for the Good Wife
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