What Makes Facebook Videos So Fast

Create Facebook video: Special features around social media

When you have implemented your new product or image video, the integration into social media should be a matter of course for you. For 15 years, Facebook has been one of the most important platforms for sharing media content and for being in direct contact with customers, interested parties and brand fans. If you specifically do this one Create Facebook video want to consider all the details related to the preferences of the users. As a Facebook agency, we at Sommer & Co will show you what to look out for.

# 1 What Makes Social Media Videos So Special?

For years, Facebook has been the most important social media platform in Germany. Even if Instagram is in the fast lane with the younger generation and platforms like LinkedIn are important for B2B contacts, Facebook is still the leading address. Thanks to the support of numerous popular video formats with a maximum length of four hours, you are at the Facebook video create hardly any restrictions.
However, the character of the platform has gradually changed over the years. While teenagers and young adults are more likely to be found on Instagram, Facebook users have often long since reached adulthood. In addition, private users of the network do not want to be overwhelmed with advertising. A clumsy promotional video or a simple clip therefore quickly leaves a negative impression of your company.
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Tips for your Facebook videos
  1. Set the goals of the Facebook video, e.g. branding, leads, followers, purchases ...
  2. Determine the format (1: 1, 4: 5, 16: 9 or 9:16). The format can influence the development of the story.
  3. Develop an exciting story. The story affects the budget, so ...
  4. define the budget.
  5. No matter what budget, the quality has to be right, otherwise the Facebook video won't work.
  6. Rely on professionals for image and light quality.
  7. The cut, music, atmosphere are extremely important.

# 2 Important stylistic devices and formats for social media

If this is your first time creating a Facebook video, you will be surprised by the variety of formats. This makes it all the more difficult to find the right format for the current marketing campaign. The most important variants are:

  • Videos for direct integration into your Facebook feed
  • Promotional videos for the Facebook Marketplace
  • Facebook stories as short clips
  • In-stream videos with a maximum length of 15 seconds
  • Integration of Instagram stories
  • and much more m.

To find the right one Create Facebook Video, experience with the network and video production in general is necessary. Sommer & Co brings both and paves the way for you to one or more productions in the categories mentioned. Depending on the type of video, the style, message and video length must also be adjusted.
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# 3 What do you have to consider when creating a Facebook video?

Due to the growing proportion of advertisements on Facebook, we recommend that you do not only use the classic way of advertising or product clips when creating Facebook videos. Instead, you should produce videos that generate interest and add value to the viewer. Similar to YouTube, the following applies to creating a Facebook video: If the wrong signal is set in the first few seconds, the viewer quickly clicks away.
A popular approach are tutorials and explanatory videos if you want to create a professional Facebook video. These videos, which are several minutes long, provide specific help to the viewer, answer questions and show your company as a service-strong partner. Tutorials are often linked and thus ensure additional attention, with which the acquisition of new customers runs as if on the side.
Of course, you can also have classic advertising films created as Facebook videos. What is important is the impression the viewer makes that your company is not using Facebook for advertising purposes alone. Instead, provide variety, for example through image films or insights into the day-to-day work of your company. This combination creates a colorful mixture that cleverly combines branding, information and advertising purposes.
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# 4 The right integration of the video

With the finished production for social media, you have taken the most important step for your success on the Internet. It is just as important to integrate it so that Internet users click on the video and watch it for as long as possible. The most important tips for this include:

  • The preview image should arouse curiosity and invite you to click.
  • The title and description of the video are targeted and interesting.
  • The text of the post is exciting and has a call-to-action.
  • After the integration, further optimization with Facebook Insights is advisable.

So you still have a lot to do after creating the Facebook video. As an experienced agency, Sommer & Co can also help you here, for example as part of our training courses. We would be happy to familiarize you and your employees with the technical level of social media and help you to optimize and integrate your social media videos.
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# 5 Handle “likes” and comments correctly

You did it: the videos you created attract attention and are regularly viewed by network users. Ideally, you will get a lot of "likes" and praise in the comments. Criticism cannot be prevented either, although constructive and destructive criticism are common. Behaving correctly here is crucial for building the image of your company.
In principle, after creating and integrating the Facebook video, show the willingness to respond to the reactions of your customers and brand fans. Thank you for positive feedback and actively respond to points of criticism. Along with other social media, Facebook is the direct line to customers and can become the linchpin of direct brand loyalty. Show your presence in all directions from supporters to critics and stay confident in doing so.
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# 6 Video references of our Facebook and social media videos

With more than 10,000 productions and over 20 years of experience, Sommer & Co is very familiar with the requirements of social media. In addition to your next Facebook video, we also create and design videos and clips for Instagram, TikTok, Xing and other platforms. You can recognize the stylistic diversity and professionalism of our work, for example, from the following references. All are video productions that we have explicitly implemented for Facebook and other social media:

Explanatory video for a do-it-yourself bracelet from the well-known retail chain Otto
Christmas video for Vorwerk about Alexa use for the Kobold
Online presentation of the Cologne Golf Club with Sergio Garcia
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# 7 Online success with Sommer & Co from Cologne

Would you like to trust an experienced partner right from the start when creating a Facebook video? As a Facebook agency in Cologne, Sommer & Co is at your side for all questions relating to video productions for social media. We accompany you with our experts from the planning phase through the shooting to post-production, always with a focus on the integration into Facebook and other social media.
Creating a Facebook video is also possible with your budget. Convince yourself of this and get in touch with Sommer & Co! We look forward to paving the way for you to succeed in the digital world.
Take a look at our showreel social media videos that we made for our customers:

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