Can you wrap a burrito

Make burritos yourself - this is how it works with filling, folding and rolling

Tortilla chips, guacamole, chilli con carne, tacos - what is missing in the range of Tex-Mex classics? Sure, burritos of course! Do you always ask yourself why the delicious rolls are always so well packaged? I got to the bottom of the question and after countless fillings I have the answer: The secret is the many delicacies inside. The Mexicans and Americans already know why they prefer to hide the many delicacies rolled tightly in a wheat flatbread - before they know it, otherwise everything would be eaten away. But what exactly is the delicious Tex-Mex roll about?

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Burrito - what is it and where does it come from?

The rolled tortilla with a variety of fillings is rooted in Mexico, but is also very common in the USA - that makes the burrito a real 'Tex-Mex food'. Prepared in a classic way, in Mexico filled with one or two ingredients, it is still considered a simple, filling meal to this day. A large, round wheat tortilla is filled, folded, rolled and - unlike a wrap - served warm instead of cold. Its name, which comes from the Spanish word 'burro' and translated means 'little donkey' or 'donkey', probably developed because of its shape. The rolled burritos reminded Mexicans of the bags and luggage that donkeys used to carry on their backs for transport.

The filling - which ingredients are in burritos?

As the burrito spread from Mexico to the USA, it becomes special too Types of burrito differentiated:

  • The authentic ones Mexican burritos are filled with only 1 or 2 ingredients - mostly beans and meat - and are often smaller and, due to the few ingredients, a bit thinner.
  • The American US Mission-Style Burritos are rich and colorful. Everything from rice to beans, cheese and meat as well as various sauces such as salsa, guacamole and sour cream is allowed in - according to the American motto "more is more".
  • The California burrito convinces with a special filling made of minced meat, cheese, onions, guacamole and the special highlight: French fries - ideal if you get hungry.
  • At the Los Angeles burrito Beans and cheese always form the basis. In addition, everyone can freely choose their toppings, as with the Mission Style Burritos.
  • Everything tastes fried - including burritos. The crispy rolls are called after a bath in hot fat Chimichangas.
  • Burrito for lunch or dinner are good. Even better: Breakfast burritos, filled with the best breakfast ingredients such as scrambled eggs, cheese, bacon or sausage and crispy potatoes.
  • 'Wet Burritos' Like enchiladas, they are gratinated in chili sauce and are therefore particularly juicy and soft.
  • A burrito without a tortilla? Yes, that is also possible. Instead of wheat flatbread, the ingredients come in a bowl with rice and a little more salad and the breadless one is born Burrito bowl.

The tortilla - the dough for perfect burritos

One uses for burritoslarge, soft, warmed tortillas made from wheat flour. As a burrito they are Served warm, filled and rolled.

Other Mexican classics in comparison:

Smaller wheat tortillas that you fill yourself at the table are Fajitas. For Tacos cornmeal tortillas are used. These are only folded once in the middle and then filled. Filled, rolled corn tortillas baked with chili sauce and cheese are known as enchiladas. Flat, topped corn tortillas are called Tostadas. If they have a boat shape, they are called Chalupas.

It all sounds complicated, but it isn't. You can easily and quickly make a burrito yourself at home. With the right tortilla and the right rolling technique, everything stays sealed:

Filling, folding, rolling - the basic burrito recipe

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The perfectly rolled burrito is ready.

Are you the fast type? Heating the tortilla and melting the cheese also works great with about 40 seconds in the microwave.

Sauces - these dips go well with the Tex-Mex roll

No matter whether separately, as in Mexico, or directly with it, as in America - different sauces give the burrito the right kick:

  • tomato salsa made from red or green tomatoes can either be added to the roll or as a fruity refreshment on the plate.
  • Sour cream belongs to almost every Tex-Mex meal. Creamy, cool and refreshing, it goes perfectly with warm burritos or with gratinated enchiladas in chili sauce.
  • Homemade guacamolemade from buttery, soft avocados is great as a dip or as a filling for mission-style burritos.
  • Bean jam is classically Mexican and is made from black beans or kidney beans, oil, onions and lime juice. As a side dish or vegetarian filling, perfect for the burrito.
  • Do you like it particularly fiery? Then try an extra serving Sriracha sauce in your burrito. The hot chili sauce gives your role the right 'thump'.

Freeze burritos

Prepare burritos? No problem. Freshly folded, they are great for freezing and can be quickly reheated in the microwave or oven at any time. For the best result, you should Wheat tortillas that are as fresh and soft as possible use them with Ingredients at room temperature fill and Put in the freezer immediately after rolling.

It is also helpful if you use ingredients for your filling that do not contain too much water. On You should avoid lettuce or raw vegetables with burritos for freezing and instead fill it with e.g. beans, meat and cheese. To keep everything tight, you should use the tortillas Roll up as tightly and carefully as possible.

4 colorful burrito variants

If the classic variant is too boring for you - these colorful variants have the right burrito for every taste: