What is the origin of the word heaven


Heaven either has to do with religion or it is what is over our heads. The sky we see with our eyes is called “sky” in English. The line between the houses and the sky is the "skyline", the "sky line".

The word "heaven" has several meanings. On the one hand, it means the air, the atmosphere or the universe with the sun, the moon and the stars that we see above us. From our point of view, the sky is “up there”.

In the religions, “heaven” means the place where God lives. Many people believe that after death they will go to heaven. Depending on the type of faith, it takes good deeds, the help of Jesus or something else.

The roof inside a car is also called “heaven”. There is also the four-poster bed. It has a post at each corner, and there is a roof above it. It originally served to prevent dust from falling on the sleeping people from the upper floor. Many pulpits in the church have a small roof, which is also called "heaven". It is supposed to pass the sound on to the people who are listening. There are many more such types of "heavens".

The opposite of heaven is hell. They only exist in some religions. One imagines hell below, deep in the earth. That is where the devil is supposed to live. People who have lived badly or who do not believe in God should go to hell.

What is meant by the sky above our heads?

In the Middle Ages, people believed that the starry sky was a sphere that arched over the earth.

It is difficult to say exactly what this heaven is. It is everything we see above our heads: the stars, but also the clouds. For example, we say: "The clouds are moving across the sky". But what we do not see also belongs to heaven: the emptiness between the planets, the expansion of the universe and all heavenly bodies that are so far away that we cannot see them.

In the past, people did not know how the stars were “fixed” in the sky. In the Middle Ages, most people thought that there was an invisible ball up there, to which the heavenly bodies were attached. The person in the picture obviously managed to stick his head through this sphere and discover the secrets that are hidden behind it.

Today scientists know a lot about our atmosphere, the universe and the celestial bodies. So we also know that the idea of ​​the people from the Middle Ages is wrong. Nevertheless, in everyday life we ​​often still talk about the sky as we used to.

How is heaven described in religions?

In Judaism, heaven is the place where God dwells. The angels are there too. This place is inaccessible to people. Even after death and resurrection, people do not come to heaven to see God, but to a paradise where they are good.

In Christianity it is also undisputed that God and the angels dwell in heaven. It is also clear that whoever believes in redemption through Jesus comes to a paradise after death. It is not clear whether this paradise is the place where God dwells. Even so, the Church often speaks of "how to get to heaven".

In Islam the sky is a garden with streams and lakes of water, milk and honey. There are carpets and precious armchairs as well as women and boys serving special food. A curtain separates heaven from hell. In heaven are the people whom Allah has chosen. The Prophet Mohammed did not die, but was transferred straight from life to Paradise.