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Emmendinger Gate

by WZO

Emmendingen: And the needle goes on ... Nils, the juggler! The medieval pocket player from Cologne won this year's Emmendinger Kleinkunstpreis. Page 1 Mundingen: Mundingen's first over-50s flat share In the former parsonage a whole ... More will start on June 1st

Emmendingen: And the needle goes on ... Nils, the juggler! The medieval pocket player from Cologne won this year's Emmendinger Kleinkunstpreis. Page 1 Mundingen: Mundingen's first over 50 shared apartment A very special residential project will start on June 1st in the former rectory - apply now for a room. Page 9 Emnmendingen: TBE badminton department celebrates the double Both the 1st and 2nd teams secured the championship without losing points. Page 13 Reute: The range of operations becomes more diverse. Fire brigade Reute came out for technical assistance, storm damage and fire fighting. Page 15 Denzlingen: A lot to do on stage 79211 From May, events with “Your mothers”, “Mr. Stumpfes Zieh- und Zupf Kapelle” and Vicky Leandros will be on offer. Page 22 Less

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Kaiserstühler WochenZeitung Unold popcorn machine EMMENDINGER TOR 89, - "Your partner if you are looking for professionals!" Electrical engineering 0 76 41/91 92-0 Lammstrasse 14 Loading and unloading possible directly in front of the house! Emmendingen No coal? Mundingen's first Ü50-WG Page 9 TBE badminton department celebrates the double Page 13 The spectrum of uses is more diverse Page 15 A lot on the stage 79211 Page 22 Newspaper bearer m / f / d Do you want to earn good pocket money for your part-time job or for your retirement ?. ... and are you at least 13 years old? Then call us from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at 07822/44 62 28 Breisgauer A special residential project will start in the former rectory on June 1st. Both the 1st and 2nd team secured themselves without the fire brigade Help in the event of storm damage From May, “Your mothers”, “Mr. Stumpfes Zieh und Zupf Kapelle” - apply now for a room. Loss of points the championship. and fire fighting. and Vicky Leandros on offer. www.wzo.de No. 16. Wednesday, April 17, 2019 46th year. Circulation: 26 450 Please note our advertising on pages 6 + 7 in today's issue. Changed advertising deadline Due to the "Easter Monday" holiday, the advertising deadline is Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 4:00 pm! We ask for your attention! Today in a partial edition: Artists, jury and organizers at the award ceremony on Sunday afternoon in the castle cellar. Kneeling in the center of the picture: the winner. Photos: Daniel Gorzalka Emmendingen current gazette of the large district town Teninger Nachrichten And the needle goes on ... Nils, the juggler! Official journal of the municipality of Teningen The medieval pocket player from Cologne won this year's Emmendinger Kleinkunstpreis Emmendingen. On Saturday and piano songs most of the voices took place in the inner city of the men on Sunday. The magician Dominik artist market takes place. At the same time, Rams from Freiburg came third and live music and was in the castle cellar for the 18th time, received 250 euros. The word game duo “Simply so”, which was favored by many, the Emmendinger Kleinkunstpreis was awarded. Seven people and also from the Black Forest town, Mundingen. The Osterta groups also took fourth place in the competition. The fifth place is in the flour sack again some advertising. The main prize - the Em and six for the piano cab offers. On Saturday, April 20th, Mendinger Nadel - this time went to rescuer Julian Braun and the impro- 8.30 p.m., the “Big Daddies will be a guest at a medieval pocket theater“ One Play Wonder ”from the revival band“ on the Mehlsack player. Witches Valley. “Oni stage. The “old hands” convince - bricklayers ”. The Freiburg artists with excellent more- "Nils the juggler" - actually Chris - was able to win the competition on Sunday with harmonious singing, first-class tof Glass from Cologne - won over for family reasons - watchmaker and goldsmith master play style and rousing stage - his three Performances with a very artist market organizer Günther Hoffmann feeds the kite "Oni" zen. With her kite she conquered watches • jewelry • wedding rings presence with titles from the EM · Marktplatz 10 · Telephone 3174 own mixture of juggling and with grapes. at the evening gala the hearts of the Zu-Kinks, Hollies, Steppenwolf, Elvis magic art. On Saturday afternoons. Presley or the Beatles. On Easter day, the studied drama swirled around the shows were moderated HLWQHVLV ,, (Sunday, April 21, from 9 p.m. the first vegetable onions around his from Schlosskeller member Julia HXK * HQHVLV ,, (1% UHQQHU 6HDU 6WDWLRQ 6HLWHQNRFK 6HDU 6WDWLRQ 6HLWHQNRFKHU Full moon party with the best dancing whole body, later he let Zitro-Senn. The verdict was met by a five-headed rock and pop hits of the last few and aubergines in cups. Jury consisting of Andrea Seguin, VWDWW 40 years, presented by oldj Max, disappear and reappear. Ute Haarer-Jenne, Ingrid Koch, Jörn Ą announced. On Tuesday, April 23rd, on Sunday he juggled with Devil-Vandersee and Kurt Hannusch. Two QXU at 8.30pm, the “Clear Club- Sticks and conjured up with colorful Tü- For days they had the seven one-time “3UHPLXP 3DUWQHU groove band” on the program. Individuals and groups were rated. $ E Ą $ EE Ą The former trio has grown into a strong field of participants category n counted creative. FKH 7LVFK expanded two musicians and made the difference for the first time in the new line-up with his original appearance, originality, audience impact. With leather hat, suitability or the choice of costume. + DXSWVWU 7HO XOPHU VKRS GH a concert in the flour sack. Lumpy garb, noble language How different the tastes can be, the evening shows in the individual band-mediated “Nils, the juggler” is gala. Nils, the juggler, landed here, sounding with influences from rock, blues, jazz and folk. An audience has the feeling that you are really meeting a pocket game "Nils, the juggler" at his appearance at the evening gala. With only two balls knocked off at the very back Less “Wälderfierdig” cabaret hardly. His mistakes about placements - the Emmendin-Freiamt. In the museum distillery at the evening gala, therefore, the cabaret award is not significant for the artist (Bauernmarktgelände, Freihof 11) there is always an opportunity for visitors to be able to show themselves to a broad audience on Green Thunder on Sunday lunchtime ”, day (in Freiamt also called“ Wälderfierdig ”by goldsmith Jürgen Wiede- said Ute Haarer-Jenne on the one hand), April 18, from 3 to 6 pm man created Emmendinger Nadel The deputy mayor Klara Glatz took over the distilling of schnapps as well as prize money of 750 euros Last two and 400 euros went to mendingen donated prizes. To the annual Freiämter farmer's market Florian Wagner. It is nice every year for the music cabaret to find tist from Kreiling near Munich, which is already being observed this week, what a “great community one day earlier, so also on when on Saturday evening” the participants form two days. Maundy Thursday, from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. The Big Daddies guest at the Os- the evening gala. Around 80 spectators deten. There is no rivalry. The market café and home Saturday in the flour sack. in the sold out castle cellar. Association with its museums open to Photo: The organizers gave him and his imaginative love- Oni Maurer led a giant kite onto the castle cellar stage. Daniel Gorzalka also scored the goals at this time.

17th April 2019. Issue 16 2 | CITIZEN INFO weekly newspaper Emmendinger Tor emergency service overview Œ Awarded as the bicycle-friendly city Emmendingen is the best catch-up in bicycle traffic in Germany. Pharmacy emergency service: The emergency service Emergency practice for children: St. Josefs- Emmendingen. In the past step, the implementation of a means of transport is now heavily carried out in the pharmacies in the daily hospital, Sautierstr. 1, Freiburg. Week in Berlin the modern bicycle parking garage was promoted in train. Also the city center change. On-call duty from 8.30 am Opening times: Monday to thunderstorm-friendliest cities, as well as yesterday in the Techni- trum, in Emmendingen, until 8.30 am the following day. day: 7 p.m. to 10.30 p.m., Friday: 4 p.m. to net - based on the ADFC driving committee, accessible from the bicycle administration. Wednesday, April 17, Central-Apotheke, 10.30 pm, Saturday, Sunday and the holiday climate test from 2018. Emmendention presented ”, says Emmendingen According to Theodor-Ludwig-Str. 11, Emmendiner day: 8 a.m. to 10.30 p.m. Tel. Gen is the 1st place nationwide Lord Mayor Stefan Schlatte- survey result of the offer to gen, Tel. 07641/914170, Fax 914179. 0180/6076111. as the best “catch-up” when it comes to rer, who won the prize in the Federal Ministry of Public Lending Bicycles and the Rathaus-Apotheke, Hauptstr. 70, El-Augen emergency practice: University bike-friendliness at the rium for traffic and digital infra-advertising and reporting on the zach, Tel. 07682/1717, Fax 6223. Augenklinik, Killianstr. 5, Freiburg. The urban structure in Berlin welcomes 20,000 to 50,000 inhabitants. Thursday, April 18, Marien-Apothe- opening hours: Monday, Tuesday. men were allowed to. ADFC-Fahrradklima is the largest ke, Golfstr. 9, Gutach, Tel. 07681/7257, and Thursday: 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Wednesday: Particularly interested in the survey, Survey on satisfaction with the bike Fax 23414. Paracelsus pharmacy, weekdays: 1:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., Friday: 4:00 p.m. 22 “I am proud and happy to have been highlighted the improvement drivers around the world. 2018 have 367,000 euros for Schwarzwaldstr. 3, Denzlingen, Tel. O'clock, Saturday, Sunday and public holidays: Lord Mayor and above all rungen compared to 2016: around 170,000 citizens 07666/2392, Fax 949794. 8 am to 10 pm. Tel. 0180/6075311. The participants also rated it as an Emmendinger Fahrradfah- positive. The Kindergarten Teningen was included in the evaluation. During your visit on Friday, April 19 (Good Friday), easyA veterinary emergency service in the district about the award. It shows that there are cyclists in Emmen. 683 towns and cities and municipalities on Thursday overpotheke Emmendingen, Freiburg Emmendingen: If the responsible person agrees that the town is a road user when it comes to cycling. Three quarters of those surveyed were handed in to the District President at Str. 4, Emmendingen, Tel. The vet cannot be reached, the friendly commune says that they are accepted, wrongly parked cars are both bicycling and driving by car. Bärbel Schäfer Mayor 07641/954280. Stadt-Apotheke, Landes veterinary emergency service is on the way, although it is of course to be checked on cycle paths and therefore both know Per- Heinz-Rudolf Hagenacker den ge Str. 37, Waldkirch, Tel. Good Friday, April 19, Dr . Kissel, Kenzin - there is still a lot to do. The next one and the bike as perspectives. Grant notification for funding 07681/479110, Fax 4339. gene, Tel. 07644/559 (small animals) and Fr. derung of the Kindergarten New Saturday, April 20, Nikolai-Apotheke, Hesse, Forchheim, Tel. 07642/2324 building in Nimburg. From the Adenauerstr. 11, Waldkirch, Tel. (Large animal), at the weekend Dr. Bret investment program of the federal government 07681/4740740, Fax 4740741. zinger, Glottertal, Tel. 07684/90890 of the childcare finance Sunday, April 21, pharmacy on the (large and small animal) or Dr. The municipality of Bleiche, Lessingstr. 19, Emmendin- auf, Emmendingen, Tel. 07641/54636 367,000 euros. In Nimburg, Tel. 07641/51852, Fax 54586. (large and small animals) and on Easter to the existing pharmacy in Kohlerhof, Rosenstr. 1, Monday, April 22nd, Dr. Tietz, Waldkirch, 50 childcare places ten zu-Denzlingen, Tel. 07666/949110, Fax Tel. 07681/494936 (small animals) and Dr. additional places for children under 949112. Rudloff, Elzach, Tel. 07682/290 three years, 20 additional places Monday, April 22nd. (Easter Monday), Aes- (large animal), the emergency service for large day care places for children from culap pharmacy, Bahnhofstr. 3, Animals are provided on Sundays from birth to school entry, two ningen-Köndringen, Tel. 10 am-6pm. Inclusion rooms as well as a 07641/54300, fax 54274. Kandel-Apo emergency fax to the rescue and fire kitchen created. The counter in the health center, fire department control center: Fax 07641 / 4601-77 ben for the entire project brik Sonntag 5a, 79183 Waldkirch, (only for the hard of hearing, deaf, carried around 5.7 million euros. Tel. 07681 / 4925250. Deaf and speech-impaired people- Photo: Municipality of Teningen / Rolf Tuesday, April 23, Spitzweg pharmacy, sonen). State Secretary Guido Beermann, Emmendingen's Lord Mayor Stefan Schlatterer, Member of the Bundestag Stein Fritz-Boehle-Str. 38, Emmendingen, Dental Emergency Service in ter Peter Weiß and ADFC President Ulrich Syberg (from left) at the award ceremony. Photo: ADFC Tel. 07641/51191, Fax 55973. Emmendingen district: In urgent medical on-call service: You can find out about emergencies from the dental emergency medical on-call service on Tel. 116 117. Central emergency practice: to be found in the district crane service on 0180 / 3222555-70. Consultation hours in the practice from 10 am to 11 am Kreistag gets more MPs kenhaus Emmendingen, Gartenstr. and from 4pm to 5pm. In the election on May 26, the future composition will be voted on - 46 instead of 44 seats 44. The central emergency practice is at Weisser-Ring e.V .: Help for victims of acts of violence on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Tel. 07642/9076825. District of Emmendingen. Started again on May 26th. These are the CDU, which leaves the FDP with some new voters) and Stefan Bilharz (since 1994 from 7 to 10 p.m., on Wednesday and Badenova Störungsstelle (electricity, the Kom-Free voters in Baden-Württemberg, the SPD, the Greens, interesting names come up. For the Greens). One can look forward to Friday from 4 to 10 p.m. and on gas, water): Tel. 0800-2 767 767 municipal elections take place. Coordinated the FDP, the AfD and the alliance to include Felix Fischer and Norman, who in their deep footsteps Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays Stadtwerke Emmendingen will disrupt the new addition from the independent citizens and shoemakers. On top of that, there is the Li-enters. A complete list of Kan- open from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. and can provide gas / water / district heating: Tel. In the ÖDP. Brand new is the beralen with the Endingerin Evelin didaten can be found below on 07641/9599373, Strom: Landkreis Emmendingen have a list of "Links-Sozial-Anders" - in short: LI-Wertz (born 2001) the youngest of this page. the. 0800/3629477. this time 368 people applied for this. Since they have not yet entered the district candidate in the race. Elders. An overview. tag or in any other par- tester Applicant is the LISA candidate Who can vote? lament, for the Heinz Heller (born 1935) from Em- In the election, assemblies are also allowed to donate donations for the last week, the press office of the district office gave the final list approval in each of the seven constituencies of 50 support items. Several long-term district youths from the age of 16 can be chosen at once. The ballot Förderverein Kreiskrankenhaus book flea market known the candidates. Prior documents must be obtained. These councils will no longer be in May a few weeks before the Emmendingen: Members' Association Emmendingen. During the Lamm- the election committee had intensely succeeded. On May 26th, ten Kan- will be put up for election. First and foremost, Election Day sent by post. Different collection with partial elections at the huetraße flea market on Saturday, 4th names checked. This time 368 students will compete for LISA. Hermann Jäger should be mentioned here. than in the European elections and on Wednesday, April 17th, at 6:00 pm in May, the great book flea will be competing. They are distributed among the SPD local politicians and the community and local councils in the outbuilding of the Kreiskranmarkt in the city library. to eight parties and groups. Who is running? Long-term mayor of the Geete, however, the result will not be kenhauses (the event room is called by the Freundeskreis der gen. They all apply for a The district is in seven electoral districts Teningen, the committee is announced on the evening of the election. on the ground floor). City library to donate to: Wer Platz im Kreistag. Interesting: Because ke split. Believe it or not, they have come from them for 48 years (!) According to the district press office, the population in the 24 cities is creating a total of 368 candidates at home on well-preserved novels. The application.For such a high number the counting for the district council and non-fiction books, children's literature or and municipalities is growing, the berfeld ranges from doctors, lawyers, there are no honors, choice much more expensive. First of all illustrated books that are dispensable, the number of seats increased from 44 to 46. and engineers over educators, al- more. During his time as a district, one had to first see the results so that the Emmendingen city- Through compensation seats with tenant clerks and mail deliverers to council, Jäger has seen three district administrators, from each individual community a library and even the circle of friends is un- very likely to students and retirees. Have them sent to Lothar Mayer (1970 to 1983). On the other hand, go support. Even DVDs and audio - a few more people. equally high number of candidates Volker Watzka (1983 to 2003) and then it comes down to it, the compensation man CDs are gladly accepted. On the one hand, this can be achieved with more than Hanno Hurth (2003 to today). Not date to be determined. With the final book donation during the Which parties will participate? Justify lists. On the other hand, more is likely to occur and the result is therefore earliest at the opening times in the city library - all so far represented in the district council - an increased interest in the respective parliamentary group spokesman Fritz Tuesday evening, May 28th, can be expected. can be handed over to the counter. political parties and groupings play a role. Vor al-Schlotter (since 1984 for the Free Daniel Gorzalka preserve nature. With my donation. District council candidates for the ET area For our home. Constituency I (Emmendingen) ler-Bütow, 3rd Marko Kaldewey, 4th Bert Luckmann, 3. Rudolf Köstel, 4. Reptiles: Protection, care, building of living space, 11361 CDU: 1. Stefan Schlatterer, 2. Joa- Anja Bogen, 5. Waldemar Proch, 6. Heinz Rehm, 5. Gabriele Bürklin, 6. Management : Klemens Fritz, Vörstetten, Naturgarten am Mühlbach, phone 05527 914 111 Meeting point: At the end of the Stichstrasse am Mühlbach, Thursday, May 2, 2019, 4.30 p.m. - 7.30 p.m. chim Saar, 3. Wilhelm Volz, 4. Dr. Irene Dietrich, 7. Klaus-Peter Schin- Jonas Muth, 7. Britta Endres, 8. Ul- www.sielmann-stiftung.de Watching birds in spring, 11363 Ornithological hike Christina Bönning-Huber, 5. Lars Koeth, 8. Monika Kreiner, 9 Hubert rich Hummel, 9th Angelika Thein. Head: Helmut Dechant, Vörstetten, Naturgarten am Mühlbach, Christian Hoffmann, 6th Britta Hol-Bührer, 10th Patrick Bauer, 11th Bernd Greens: 1. Michaela Ecker, 2. Dr. Meeting point: At the end of the Stichstrasse am Mühlbach, Sun., May 5th, 2019, 8:00 a.m. - 11:00 a.m. stein, 7th Friedrich Hegener, 8th Doris Skubb, 12th Markus Votteler. Peter Hahne, 3. Carola Grasse, 4. Unique light objects, 11488 light source. Glimmer of light. Bright spot. Watzka, 9. Ahsene Enderle-Am- UB / ÖDP: 1. Dr. Katrin Wiegand, 2nd Anna-Maria Tonojan, 5th Rebecca Lichtzeichen. Photograph. Light object. Management: Sarah Spieler, Atelier- und Werkstatt- IMPRESSUM mour, 10. Beate Dumm, 11. Filiz Kus, Richard Schweizer, 3. Sonja Reuter, Schoch, 6. Christian Schuldt, 7. Me-pedagogue, social worker, Emmendingen, Secondhand department store FAIRKAUF, Am Elzdamm 45, FAIRnäht sewing workshop, Sat., May 4, 2019, 10 a.m. - 5 p.m. EDITOR: 12. Thomas Nitzel. 4. Rolf-Dieter Bauer, 5. Wilma Hollanie Schwer. Start the day with salsa, 25622 weekly newspapers on the Upper Rhine Salsa - dancing in a group (without a partner) Verlags-GmbH, Denzlinger Straße 42, FWV: 1. Martin Zahn, 2. Oscar Guimann. FDP: 1. Felix Fischer, 2. Horst Ger- Head: Guido Schmidt, qualified music therapist / FH, Sexau, Bürgerbegegnung, 79312 Emmendingen, Tel. (0 76 41) 93 80-0 done, 3. Alexander Zahn, 4. Rein- AfD: 1. Cora Amberge, 2. Günter Kuber, 3. Martina Sexauer, 4. Rein-Ernst-Bühler-Weg, Rathausplatz, 6 times on Fridays, 10 a.m. to 11 a.m., start: May 3, 2019. [email protected] hard stuffing cake, 5. Dr. Laszlo enzer, 3. Elmar Knobel. hard Wolfsperger, 5th Dr. Brigitte [email protected] The little 1x1 of baby care, 30190 Greiner, 6. Fabian Fehr, 7. Johann LISA: 1. Ulf Fiedler, 2. Thomas Mau-Hartmann, 6. Frieder Huber, 7. Head: Bettina Rathmann , Pediatric nurse, Emmendingen, VHS-Haus, A company of Am Gaswerk 3, Wed., April 17, 2019, 6:00 p.m. - 8:00 p.m. Gallinger, 8th Jacqueline Ritter, 9th Lorer, 3rd Heinz Heller. Claudia Herget, 8th Hanns-Georg baby massage, 31411M for babies from 2 months renz Riemensperger, 10th Jürgen Zi- von Wolff, 9th Eva-Maria Münzer. Management: Bettina Rathmann, pediatric nurse, Kenzingen, Offenburger Str. 25, MANAGEMENT: ser, 11. Thomas Gerber, 12. Kurt Wahlkreis II (Teningen, Freiamt, UB / ÖDP: 1. Michael Kefer, 2. March 6 times on Mondays , 9.20–10.20 a.m., start: April 29th, 2019. Clemens Merkle Ohmberger. Sexau, Malterdingen) kus Bury, 3. Ingrid Östreicher, 4. Thai cuisine - Asian light & delicious, 37231 EDITORIAL MANAGEMENT: SPD: 1. Marianne Wonnay, 2. Dr . Jo-CDU: 1st Heinz-Rudolf Hagenacker, 2nd Klaus-Jürgen Leiting, 5th Manfred Management: Arunee Nübling, Denzlingen, Realschule, Stuttgarter Str. 15, kitchen, Ines Heiny twice on Mondays, 7:00 pm - 10:00 pm. Start: April 29, 2019. hannes Fechner, 3rd Carola Euhus, 4th Tanja Roser, 3rd Ute Haas, 4th Sascha Zängle, 6th Florian König, 7th Tobias Yoga for Mamas - Mamasté, 31119 PUBLICATION: Wednesdays CIRCULATION: 26,450 copies Ralf Wolter, 5. Barbara Schweizer, carpenter, 5th Yannick Bury, 6th Kefer. Strengthening and building up after pregnancy 6. Dr. Dieter Wörner, 7th Rolf Zipse, Jan-Dirk Sauter, 7th Friedrich Stählin, AfD: 1st Hans-Jürgen Reichenbacher, director: Birgit Hug, teacher for Hatha-Vinyasa Yoga, certified Yin and Baby Yoga PRINT AND SHIPPING : teacher, teacher for Ayurvedic baby massage, Emmendingen, music school, Am Freiburger Druck GmbH & Co. KG 8. Hermann Weiß. 8. Peter Welz, 9. Michael Gasser. 2. Ronny Schneider. Gasworks 5, 6 times on Tuesdays, 10.35 a.m. - 12.05 p.m., start: April 30th, 2019. Reprinting is only permitted with a written request: 1. Dr. Susanne Wienecke, 2nd FWV: 1st Hannelore Reinbold-Mench, LISA: 1st Dieter Adlichhammer. ZwergenGARTEN, 32346 for babies and toddlers 7–17 months with permission from the publisher. None Claudia Gerth-Holyba, 3. Elisabeth 2. Michael Goby, 3. Dr. Dirk Kölblin, director: Sara Spöhre, movement and music pedagogical specialist, Emmendingen, liability for unsolicited text-VHS-Haus, Am Gaswerk 3, 7 times on Thursdays, 10.35–11.35. Start: 2.5.2019. and images. The advertising price applies. Mohler, 4. Dr. Hans-Gerhard Mi-4. Iris Schillinger, 5. Gerda Weiser, 6. The municipality of Reute is the election office for everyday office life, 52010 - Head: Thomas Herth, Emmendingen, VHS list no. 15 from January 1, 2019. chiels, 5th Christiane Laudes, 6th time - assigned to Karl-Heinz Schweikert, 7th Thomas Kreis II. For the step house, Am Gaswerk 3, 5 times on Thursdays, 6.30 p.m. - 9.15 p.m., start: 2.5.2019. te Bauer, 7th Martina Schoner, 8th Til-Hügle, 8th Renate Heß, 9th Harald Ko-Michael Schlegel for the FWV (1st registration and advice at the office of the VHS Nördlicher Breisgaumann Künstle. neberg. Listenplatz) and Renate Hund for 79312 Emmendingen, Am Gaswerk 3, by phone: (0 76 41) 92 25-0, by fax: (0 76 41) 92 25-33, FDP: 1. Ramona Frank, 2. Katja Mül- SPD: 1 Hartwig Bußhardt, 2. Her- the Greens (5.) an. Email: [email protected], Internet www.vhs-em.de

17th April 2019. Issue 16 weekly newspaper Emmendinger Tor EMMENDINGEN | 3 Pleasure for the palate and ear canals The “Song Café” took place for the first time on Sunday in the Kulinarium restaurant - further concerts on May 26th and June 30th in Emmendingen. For five years she, too, gave up the hand chased by the Woosey. The one in Ettenheimmünskanow. “The experiment, the whole thing at Fux'n das Song Café. Because the bar table presented the appearances on the stranded Briton with combining it with brunch, the venue is closed, the stage has been set up by now. some influences on his acoustic guitar, ”they added. design moved - into the With the first note, the printed blues and folk music fell. The next song cafés in the culinary restaurant Kulinarium. Noise level in the hall on Sunday. For the musicians, so you can rightly find the narium on May 26th (Desirée was the premiere at the new location. The lish opening first had to make sure why this guy doesn't fill entire Lobé, Lindsey Blount & The Midnight Krischan Lukanow, Tobias Schwab halls. Break and Ilona Sola) as well as on the 30th. And what a. Already at 10 a.m. and Jan Ullmann. The MusicLab-Trio Despite the breakfast ambience in June (Julia & Felix, Ullmann & Reh- were around 70 guests, for 20 minutes, both the artists got the most out of it, Shane Brady). Who to brunch brunch. Chef Stefan well-known songs ("Fields Of Gold") memorabilia. This was mainly due to the fact that a cook and his team should first prepare their own compositions as well as their quality. In addition, there was a reservation for a seat (info @ culinarium- ckeres buffet with coffee, bread rolls, (“Breathe In, Breathe Out”). To the great atmosphere in the restaurant emmendingen.de). Otherwise, spreads, muesli, fruit, orange juice and finally “Bella, Schroe-Kulinarium. The hall is round and you just come out. The artists - the compulsory breakfast sparkling wine of the & Fitschen "- the podium. The trio fully glazed. “For a long time we have always been happy about donations. This on. When at 11 o'clock the music played selected pieces from the search for a new location for the song during the concerts, another 30 more “Bella, Schroeder & Fitschen” played selected pieces from the Kate Kate Bush album "Finding Hounds Of Love" café, "said the organizers - a can collectively. Visitors added. With a coffee in Bush's 1985 album “Hounds Of Love”. Photo: Daniel Gorzalka from 1985. Finally, Matt toren Jan Ullmann and Krischan Lu- Daniel Gorzalka Easter shopping * on all non-reduced items. Excluded are already reduced goods, on-running shoes, orders and services BÜHRER Hebelstrasse 23 XA Pro 3D GTX 15% * 79312 Emmendingen N u im Ne. Own slaughter. Own sausage production K2 t: Sortimenäck S e. Partyservice Os rey rucksacks Osp and On Laufsc TIG: un FIX and FER on everything! the 99.95 children Salomon customer Maultaschen pork fillet until April 30, 2019 Girls Girls & Boys Skates 69.95 Goretex women & men outdoor shoes 159.99 99.99 parking in the yard 100g / 1.49 € PAINTING COMPANY ham ACHIM SCHULER!% ! 100g / € 1.59 t. n "!% äm ite Bauernwürste f. s be s ar 100g / 0.89 € Au ler Easter offers in Nimburg. Stockbrunnenstr. 1 M Tel 07663 - 914336 79312 EMMENDINGEN Reute. Hauptstr. 40 from April 18 to April 25, 2019 Tel. 0 76 41/93 43 07 or Tel 07641 - 42812 01 73/8 55 03 48 Happy Easter, Your Mertz family and employees Dry Aged Rumpsteak Top quality from free-range cattle .................. ................. 100 g € 3.59 Leg of lamb!% "€ 2.39 We're opening our season! $! with bones, from the region ....................................... Wienerle .... ..... ... .... ..... .. 100 g ! # crisp ................................................ ..................... 100 g € 0.89 Ham slices assorted 4 times, ideal with asparagus .............. ..................... ........ ... ........ ... ....... .... ... 100 g 1.69 € House salami Karl-Josef Waldkirch-Buchholz Kury naturally matured ............................ ........................................ 100 g 1.79 € Beef salad Our points of sale: with bell pepper and cucumber .............................................. ... ... ... ....... ........ 100 g € 1.59 Bavaria Blu in Emmendingen, Denzlinger Strasse in Sexau, connecting road between Sexau and Waldkirch blue cheese, 50% Fi Tr. ..................................... 100 g € 1.39 in Bleibach am Schießbrückle in Freiburg the Münsterplatz Delicious Easter feasts: bathroom. Pasture lamb • Large range of grills - Dry Aged beef chops ... • Extensive range of fish and cheese • Puff pastry specialties ... 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Eisenbahnstrasse 8 Kiesweg 2 Caritas workshops St. Georg We look forward to your visit www.zg-raiffeisen-technik.de Branch workshop Kaiserstuhl Jagdparadies Dilberger & Wolff, Schlossmattenstrasse 12, 79268 Bötzingen Bahnhofstrasse 19 Riegel Tel .: 07663/6074100, mail: jagdparadies @ gmail.com TRUST BY SERVICE Phone (076 42) 90 25-27

4 | EMMENDINGEN April 17, 2019. Issue 16 of the weekly Emmendinger Tor Draft for the new kindergarten is in place A building for four groups and the child protection association is to be built on the Boehle site in Emmendingen. On the area of ​​the vor. On the same level, some Kretschmer referred to ren. After the demolition and during the Fritz Boehle School, the city is planning a large entrance, outdoor playgrounds and the spatial program. This should be with the construction time of the child protection- the building of a new kindergarten. with a canopy as well as a dining room for all those involved - that is, “also for the federal government provisionally in containers and in addition to four over 3 groups should be accommodated in the one with kitchen for adults and children-child protection association” - worked out in this way. “Where exactly the children's buildings will be added in the future. The design looks like it has been. The facility could be set up in, has not yet been accommodated in the Schutzbund. In addition, there is an elevator that provides the building with additional rooms, ”said Rüdiger Kretschmer here. Last week the architect introduced barrier-free access to the upper floor. In use. Architect Fuchs closed. The majority of the techni- Cornell Fuchs in the technical exter- nal area, about half the size of the exter- nal area, approved its draft for a further proposal. This floor should also be of interest to children. Here the child protection and processing of the building, the protection association, get a new room protection association its “own area”. on this basis. In September it is planned to “create a two-story building in part. "It is correct and sensible that the services for the trades of the building" should be made of wood. He- “The Kinderschutzbund is finally losing the facility from which it is not to be awarded. The rough cost should it be based on the location, thus not on the area? On me conceivable barracks comes out ”, the frame for the new building is 5.15. The Jahnstrasse building project is being reduced where the ailing pavilion of the children seems to have been supported by Thomas Fechner (SPD) the million euros. About ten percent of it is Schutzbund. The draft of the restricts and like an appendage, “plan. are funded by the federal government. The Emmendingen. The on the fallow site of the former kindergarten looks on the ground floor asked Green City Councilor Christian Jene to become “barracks” so that city council has the money in the budget for multi-storey buildings (right) provided for in four group rooms for 90 children. Construction department head Rü - in future a thing of the past - four years distributed. Daniel Gorzalka the smaller than originally planned. A week ago yesterday, the Technical Committee voted for the compromise between the developer and the Citizens' Forum. The corner building on Weinstockstraße is to be divided into two smaller structures and only have five full storeys instead of the previous six. The two houses behind it also become lower. You get four full floors plus attic where the offer is never the same. The project is now going again in spite of the cold and drizzle, thousands of guests visited the 46th edition of the Offenlage artists' market. The designs for a pre-Emmendingen building were also modified. For the 46th time their goods took place on the Kellenberg. The two planned houses will be in their weekend in the city center of the th how these will be made. Reduced size. Here, too, there had been protests at the artist market in the past. A citizens' forum was held for a correspondingly long time. Their spokesman Volker Rösner renews the market place, city gate and castle duration of the visitors. Added to this was his concern at the meeting - despite the changes. 160 dealers and creative guests also offered a visit to the market in place. In this case, the TA decided to open the door again for the time being. ve heads their wares. Despite tempe- with a shopping spree in the graphic: City of Emmendingen ratures around five degrees and combined drizzle shops. It was especially rainy on Sundays and the children flocked to the fair. Thousands of visitors to the market. werbeverein organized Easter bunny hunt.With raffle tickets This was of course due to the fact that they were armed with high positions - they were looking for the value that the event enjoys medium-sized businesses after the colorful rabbits' fair. Gure the artist market. The hare hunt is still going on until April 23rd. There are suspects from the region to be won, a 90 centimeter large chocolate but a colorful audience. Many of the exhibitors showed visitors how their works are made. Langohren as well as 25 Emmendingers across the border triangle. Partly three thalers worth 25 euros each. With 50 stalls, the Tex- “Despite the weather we were like- buses. The pound of the artist style artist this time the biggest other satisfied with the popularity ”, markts is that the offer is never the same - followed by ceramics (28) and said Günther Hoffmann yesterday the same. Change jewelry from time to time (27). In between there was a telephone. “We got the exhibitors dry. Head organizer Gün - creatives made of wood, glass, floristry, builds and dismantled again dry “, ther Hoffmann maintains a sheer metal or even leather. He also added kulina. The endlessly large network has been organizing since 1996. The artist market was once again head of the Spielspirale with the artists. At the weekend, three had a lot to offer. The offer to the 18 market leading. In the evening, “Sleep well heals better” quarter of the providers from the region, food stalls ranged from the middle gala of the cabaret prize on Saturday - the rest of the whole federal priestly tarte flambée up to the evening was Hoffmann with Emmendingen. So the inscription of one of the handwritten placard areas and from France. The Mi- Brazilian Pastel. With a very special thank you, the doctors and resident doctors in the circle last Wednesday was great again. The lot was also considered to be 14 regional. On the stage he was allowed to hold up the hospital. Around 20 strikers, who ranged their bandwidth from jewelry from suppliers with their agricultural products, sacrificed a large kite with grapes for lunch to keep the hospital running and above all the old typewriter keys, filchen direct products. There was feeding here. In the egg, which the artful patient would not have to suffer from it, not only demanded 5 progran mini cuckoo clocks in the In the shops ran the Osterha organic sausage from Freiamt or also placed monsters afterwards, there was a cent more money, but primarily better working conditions. Glass bottle up to a small table-dinner campaign by the trade association. Salt from Cadiz, Spain. Four - his gift: a bottle of red- According to senior doctor of internal medicine, Dr. Felix Lampe, the kitchen stoves have a metal insert. Photos: Daniel Gorzalka le of the exhibitors didn't just sell wine. Daniel Gorzalka gene and colleagues “on the gums!”. Reliable duty rosters and on-call duty through a reform of the medical on-call service and electronic time recording are further demands on the district office as an employer. The third round of negotiations between the Association of Municipal Hospitals and the Marburger Bund failed, which is why a warning strike was called for first aid for the soul. Photo: Elisabeth Stratz Since 1999, the emergency follow-up service has been doing a job that can hardly be rated highly enough in Emmendingen. The emergency aftercare service was founded 20 years ago at the DRK district association. Its members take on the psychosocial care of victims in crisis situations. At the same time, they take care of relatives who have just received news of their death. The latter is the classic case. When the police meet relatives Peter Zimmermann (right) with his team. In the near future there may be some new members who will receive such a bad message. Photo: Daniel Gorzalka has to bring, the association (1870/71) is always automatically sent via the control center. Suitcase in which we landed, ”said Zimmermann. Emergency follow-up update alerted by the emergency follow-up service. Presence. In the event of disasters like ell, the team consists of 17 members - "satellite existence" to one. Two members follow the beam - the flood in Hamburg, the granting. In 2018, 53 missions were “an integral part of the structure”. ten. After the news, luck in Eschede contributed to this - and all of this on a voluntary basis. Sonja Heinrich, who was part of the discussion 20 years ago, is in charge of the police, the psychosocial care “Thanks to the press article that was published in the founder of the service in Emmenten. Organize aftercare for victims. Appearing in the middle of the last few months, it could say in its own way: “It remains, however. The two members of the 1990s, we 20 potential members in Munich, have a high degree of empathy. Great Easter campaign by the helpers who look after the relatives until they get the first emergency follow-up care, ”says Zimmermann. Basic demands - the work is personal when the relatives are there. At the same time quietly founded. Only a short time later, however, the prerequisite was the 80- enriching in an often self-portrayal Emmendingen. For around 1,000 euros, the “Die Hilfemacher” association can provide you with important first aid for the one-hour training in Emmendingen. "Without the literary world," she said. “You set- also shopped for Easter this year. They put the table in Em-soul. Service has been introduced. "It doesn't work," he added. zen to where others pinch ”, urgently needed food is available. Milk, This year the emergency district association has a pio- On the other hand, the grief psychologist noted rice, flour, sugar, oil, pasta, but also canned fish and aftercare 20 years ago. Taken in this role, ”said Koffer. Evening greetings in which the work Christina Siegwarth. ter were placed in the warehouse of the table. Peter Dreßen (left), the event was organized by the members How the first few years in Emmen were explicitly praised. “You are there A music trio consisting of the chairman of the Tafelverein, with employees of the Tafel and Gerd celebrated on Thursday evening, explained the founding on traumatic occasions that Herbert Rochlitz, Georg Mattes and Seyberth (second from right) and Dieter Nagel (right), the two lesson. Around 80 invited guests and team leader Peter Zim- we can all meet ”, said Land- Eberhard Jäckle looked after the helpers, helped with shopping and unloading. accepted the invitation. In the course room mermann. In 1997, Hanno Hurth was given the first glimpse of his role. During the evening, “Die Hilfemacher” regularly takes action for the boards - on the one hand, steps have been taken in the control center. With as DRK district chairman. “She led the SWR presenter Regina, 900 Christmas packages were sent last year for customers of the day - the story of the service - a paramedic who at the same time - do not believe how beneficial it is, Keller. She also belongs to the team feln packed. These campaigns are made possible by private funding. Pascal Koffer, a consultant at the DRK - was a psychologist at the time - was aware that when delivering emergency aftercare, Emmendin members and supporters from the business world. “We would like to become a regional association, it was worked out. In October, news of his death was also sent to Progen. To make even more help for your long-term work - unfortunately there is not enough money. Active members going back to the 12th century, 16 people let themselves be there for free ”, added Ulrich Hilden- were Barbara Dörenbecher (5 and supporting members are therefore welcome”, shared the helpers. “Even the crusaders were willing train, burned in April 1999, district manager of the police in years), Gerlinde Purucker (10 years) cher with. Further information at www.diehilfemacher.de. Donation con-chaplain included, ”he explained. the first missions followed. “We su- Waldkirch, added. Andreas Formel- as well as Anita Pfanner, Brigitte Volk to: (keyword "Easter special") IBAN: DE03 6805 0101 0013 2479 60 Years) Photo: Axel Ullmann a (1860) and the Baden auxiliary when we are needed, are managing directors of the DRK, praised the dis- officially honored. Daniel Gorzalka

17th April 2019. Issue 16 weekly newspaper Emmendinger Tor TIPS OF THE WEEK EMMENDINGEN | 5 Many loyal members honored their annual general meeting of the shooting society of 1590. Think of Emmendingen. During the “Mit der Luftpistole”, the following were honored: Miro Ender's annual general meeting for 10 years, the winners: Marle; for 25 years Rolf Enderle and Wal-Oster- der Schützengesellschaft from 1590 looked down at Oberschüt- tin Schächtele and Karl Henne. In air pistol on the core; for 35 years Stefan Arf; for 40 years Martina Hohl, Christa Niet- pre-order for master craftsman Harry Enderle again on a sporting year with a great deal Martin Schächtele, Harry Enderzel, Ernst-Daniel Rosset and Christina Schuldes; for 55 years Karl Trit- we you in the successful participation le and Rolf Schächtele schler; For his 60 years Rolf will be happy to advise members of the association. In the competition box. The golden badge of honor for our specialists numerous round competitions with the sports pistol of the German Shooting Federation with fighting and championship edition are the first certificates received by Rolf Schächtele, Our Easter offers from April 18th - 24th, 2019 are back. placed: Harry Enderle and Rolf Schächtele as well as Christina Schuldes, Ernst-Daniel Rosset as well as Christa Nietzel and beef roast lean and juicy, from the region 11.99 In addition, Martina Hohl was spot on as in the discipline. After the reports € / kg re shooters in the individual sports pistol Harry End of the individual board departments of We are looking for you Pork schnitzel from the upper shell, lean and juicy 8.99 for meat preparation disciplines and age groups to great applause from derle. In addition, the upper-year 2018 honored the members present and explained was € / kg cooked ham 1.59 butcher or cook attendees with a master's certificate, the entire board received € / 100g (male / female) for ideal for asparagus / d) and the coveted title of Rolf Schächtele (left), his successful honorary club championship 2019 was honored for 60 years of club-worthy applause, Rolf Enderle (right) for 25 years. Many years of association work the unanimous de- liverwurst with veal 0.99 draws: Photo: private members. The present burden of the meeting. On top of the creamy spread € / 100g In the KK 50m competition, Easter egg salad with mushroom 0.99 was awarded to Rolf Schächtele as a thank you for the rifle master Harry Enderle. Edition, Rolf Schächtele won the air rifle edition / 100g club championship title, while in the Wollesen was most successful. special certificates presented. Gefe during the past year. * Wild garlic cheese 50% fat in dry matter, hearty semi-hard cheese, 1.69 € / 100g lactose-free, piquant and spicy in taste * Cheese offers available in Elzach, Waldkirch, Freiburg, Sexau and Schönwald www.metzgerei-winterhalter.de Most powerful engine Biggest Battery HUSQVARNA Gran City LTD Wave Battery 504WH Bicycle & 2999, - INSERT INFORMATION E-Bike Center Read the enclosed information from our customers today: OVERALL ISSUE: Braun Möbelcenter, Freiburg XXXLutz, Freiburg Four times in the region: Medimax, Waldkirch Freiburg | Emmendingen | www.hotbike-shop.de Kaufland, Emmendingen Wohn aktiv, Emmendingen shows its colors. rt. at Gehlelichen Markt- www.roter-bur.de From now on before the official one. The new T-Cross with the optional “Energetic Orange” design package. We are now on site for the introduction of the T-Cross 1.0 TSI OPF, 70 kW (95 PS), 5-speed fuel consumption, l / 100 km: urban 5.9 / extra-urban 4.4 / combined 4.9 / CO₂- Emissions, g / km: combined 112. Equipment: Pure White, parking aid in the front and 2017 & 2018 rear area, air conditioning, 4 light alloy wheels “Rochester”, “Blind Spot” sensor “Plus” with parking assistant including lane departure warning system “Lane Assist ", Hill start assistant, honorary award radio" Composition Color ", environment monitoring system carrier of" Front Assist "with city emergency braking function and much more with Badischen W einbauverba for the area House price: 18,900.00 € in Breisgau including transfer costs Our Easter offer Wine enjoyment at Easter Price / bottle of Rivaner | The uncomplicated one | Item No. 18 0.75 l instead of € 4.50 € 4.00 2017 | Quality wine, dry, single vineyard Eichberg Illustration shows special equipment at extra cost. Status 04/2019. Subject to changes and errors instead of € 4.50. Müller-Thurgau | The flatterer | Item No. 19 0.75 l 4.00 € 2017 | Cabinet | Single layer Eichberg Pinot Blanc | The freshly fruity one | Item No. 60 0.75 l instead of € 6.30 € 5.80 Volkswagen Center Freiburg 2017 | Cabinet dry | Single location Eichberg Autohaus Gehlert GmbH & Co. KG Tullastr. 82, 79108 Freiburg, Tel. 0761/51 04 60 www.gehlert.de Riesling | The thoroughbred | Item No. 21 0.75 l instead of € 6.30 € 5.80 2017 | Cabinet semi-dry | Single vineyard Eichberg Pinot Noir Rosé | The summer vacation | Item No. 40 0.75 l instead of € 5.80 € 5.30 From rearing to the plate. Everything Reichenbach. 2017 | Quality dry wine | Single vineyard Eichberg Pinot Noir Rosé | The terrace star | Item No. 46 0.75 l instead of € 5.80 € 5.30 Fresh lamb from Glottertal & Suggental Happy Easter 2017 | Quality wine off-dry | Single location Eichberg wishes the Keule R Reeeiiicchheenbaacchhtteam m !! Pinot Noir red wine | The red flatterer | Item No. 50 0.75 l instead of € 6.90 € 6.40 with tube 100g 1.99 2016 | Cabinet | Single vineyard Eichberg Pinot Noir red wine | The fruity fine | Item No. 54 0.75 l instead of € 6.90 € 6.40 mince 100g 1.49 2016 | Cabinet dry | Single layer Eichberg shoulder, cutlet and much more Pinot Noir Weißherbst | The fruity one | Item No. 49 0.75 l instead of € 7.50 € 7.00 fresh kids and 2017 | Late harvest | Single layer Eichberg Stallhasen Schäufele o. Kn. Core or ham 100g Fideli Red Secco | The red-spotted | Item No. 83 0.75 l instead of € 5.95 € 5.50 carbonated Viennese sparkling wine SELO e.V. Tafelspitz kg grill steak v. Neck to asparagus 1.29 tax return service for fresh sausage 100g rosé sparkling wine | The berry sparkling | dry | Item No. 95 Rosé sparkling wine | The fruity inheritance | brut | Item No. 95br 0.75 l 0.75 l instead of € 8.90 instead of € 8.90 € 8.40 € 8.40 for employee income (income tax aid association) Hinterwälder 11.90 kg 6.66 cold cuts abundantly sorted - .89 In dde In den enn Oven Open Oven ffer finished, finished, done ig go! os! s! Tax declaration? 1 whole This offer is also valid in the REWE Schneider stores in Denzlingen, Waldkirch, Bleibach and EM. No problem! Salmon fillet Lyoner 5, - each The offer is valid until April 28th, 2019. Subject to changes. Prices include VAT. in Riesling cream- Tel. 07641-912322 sauce Valid: Thu, 18.4. Until Sat, April 20, 2019 10-pack 100g 1.99 in all sales outlets. according to grill sausages. d e Wilhelmstr. 6 in Emmendingen Errors excepted. o24 Roter Bur Glottertäler Winzer eG | Winzerstr. 2 | 79286 Glottertal | Tel. +49 7684 9109-1 | [email protected] Note: Offer only for members with l exclusively non-self-employed income. w w w. s e Sales outlets and opening times at www.metzgerei-reichenbach.de

KW 16 Valid from April 17th. Download the FREE app until April 20th, 2019! Now as a web app or in the store under REWE Schneider. DIETER SCHNEIDER At home in Breisgau! Promotion price Spain / Morocco: Promotion price 9.99 1.11 Freiburg-Tiengen: Strawberries asparagus loose Class I, Class I, each 500 g tray, 1 kg each (1 kg = 2.22) On Easter Saturday, April 20. Get a GR ATIS Easter egg with your purchase at the Delightful Easter service counter. Fresh pork saddle steaks special price 0.88 0.79 seasoned, special price 4.99 Germany: wishes you REWE Dieter Schneider or roast from your own pork rearing, lettuce tulip bouquet class I, various . Colors, 100 g each 19 stems per bunch, free marrow bones per bunch with boiled beef or mayor's boiled beef Promotion price Fresh minced meat Promotion price Promotion price Coca-Cola *, Coca-Cola Zero *, 25% saved Rothaus Promotion price 1.29 6.99 6.99 8.99 13.49 ideal for Roast or mixed Fresh pork schnitzel Fanta or Sprite mixing box Tannenzäpfle for the soup, made from 60% beef and 40% pork, tender and lean, made from our own * caffeine-containing, 24 x 0.33 l bottles each from our own rearing own production, pig rearing, each 12 x 1 l bottle crate (1 l = 0.75) crate (1 l = 1.70) per 100 g per 1 kg per 1 kg plus 3.30 deposit plus 3.42 deposit Geldermann Schloss Munzingen Sekt Sparkling wine Young L ine different sorts, different sorts, each 0.75 l bottle. 0.75 l bottle each (1 l = (1 l = 9.32) 5.32) Stuffed beef roulades, housewife-style special price special price special price 22% saved 20% saved 1.19 0.89 0.99 6.99 3.99 with bacon, onions, mustard Wienerle fresh sausage and cucumber, made from our own Kettle-fresh, crunchy, richly sorted, from rearing, from our own production, our own production, per 100 g per 100 g per 100 g Printing errors reserved. Sold only in household quantities. Promotional prices are limited in time. Sale only as long as supplies last.Hanuta each 220 g pack. Chocolate Easter bunny with flower, (100 g = 0.63) Unit price 2.19 € per pack from 3 packs of 45 g pieces. each 220 g pack. per package ideal with asparagus (100 g = 10.00) (100 g = 1.00) or Duplo Lyoner for salad Promotion price Promotion price Promotion price Promotion price 10 x 18.2 g pack. Promotion price 0.89 0.89 1.69 4.90 1.39 sliced, in Lange Rote Linder's Glottertäler (100 g = 0.76) Fresh pack, from in 6 fresh packs, from Winzerschinken® Single price 1.99 € per pack. Own production, own production, from own production, 10 times each 18.2 g pack. per 100 g per 100 g per 100 g (100 g = 1.09) KNÜLLER! Buchholz fresh egg noodles, various ideal for asparagus shapes, each 250 g bag. (100 g = 0.80) Special price tender beef steaks Special price Stilfser special price Milka 51% saved 1.99 1.99 1.59 1.99 1.11 Tender veal schnitzel variously marinated, Italian hard cheese, 2 months pralines or goulash particularly lean, fully matured, various types , from the upper shell, the hips, lactose-free, 50% fat in dry matter, 110 g each. per 100 g per 100 g per 100 g (100 g = 1.01) Jacobs coronation of ground coffee, our company is organic certified by DE-ÖKO-006. different types, Langnese each 500 g pack. Cremissimo Pint (1 kg = 5.98) Bienenstich special price special price per 450 ml cup 43% saved 33% saved 50% saved 1.95 3.95 (1 l = 4.11) Pfanni 1.85 0.99 2.99 1 cup of cappuccino and or Langnese dumplings 1 piece of eggnog Cremissimo Bourbon different sorts, quark dough bunny cream slices vanilla 200 g pack. per piece together per 1000 ml cup (100 g = 0.50) Coppenrath & Wiese Our gold pieces Special offer price special price hearty & 28% saved Weihenstephan 27% saved special price 2.00 3.00 0.79 strong butter or 1.79 1.59 different types, the creamy whipped cream 1 cup Frozen coffee, different types, 32% fat, pumpkin seed rolls and 1 quark bag per 420 g bag. 250 g cups / pack each each 200 g cup, 3 pieces together (1 kg = 4.26) (100 g = 0.64) (100 g = 0.40) Visit REWE Open for you: Monday - Saturday from 7 a.m. to 10 p.m. Dieter Schneider also on the Internet at : Freiburger Strasse 2-8 in the Merk-Galerie and Karl-Friedrich-Strasse 97 • 79312 Emmendingen www.rewe-dieter-schneider.de

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8 | BUSINESS NOTES April 17th, 2019. Issue 16 of the weekly Emmendinger Tor opening attracted many guests to Autoservice Maul moved from Malterdingen to Riegel Riegel (heb). The independent car repair shop Autoservice Maul GmbH has successfully moved from Malterdingen to Riegel in Kleinfeldele. Vyacheslav and Ludmila Maul were able to receive countless congratulations on the new building during the open weekend. There was a lot of coming and going and the guests enjoyed staying with 53 young journeyman and one young woman was happy to be relieved of her duties as a trainee. a great supporting program. 54 young apprentices who were in demand were inspected, including the new, spacious rooms and the driving simulator was also an attractive measure. In addition, there were days at both Alex Maul works as a workshop manager in his parents' company, Wjatsches-Emmendingen. District handicrafts to learn further to the rapid gene bouncy castle, face painting, law and Ludmila Maul. Photo: Heike Scheiding-Brode master and head master of the elec- change of professional to be able to meet a DJ for light music, the tro-guild Martin Schubnell sprach felds. Liqui-Moly driving simulator as a frame good service is also available with the family. The Elzhalmen program has been ready in a festive atmosphere since January. The boxing club Maul in the first place. In addition to repairs, son Alex Maul (master mechanic) is 54 journeyman from her The journeyman's certificate Riegel took over the catering, inspection, inspection, general inspection as a workshop manager in the company. Duties as a trainee are free. 35 It was a particular pleasure ben there was also coffee and cake (with integrated AU) * or tire shops, he had Wjat businesses from four trades for Chamber President Ullrich, Maier's Schwarzwaldfladen. Service there is still a large number of scheslaw and Ludmila Maul learned. this successfully led to the journeyman examination electronics technician Angelo Kracht as a function. The best of the year was honored, the education system of all speakers from business, craft, school and municipality as Germany's. Angelo Kracht (electrical information technician - completed his training at the Emmendinger company Jörg Bürkin Elektrotechnik GmbH) was awarded the best of the year. Scarce supply, higher prices, quality feature especially hernik) from the Chamber of Crafts Presidents handed over Kreishandwerks- Sparkasse informed about developments in real estate in 2018 highlighted. dent Johannes Ullrich, the distinguished master Schubnell and the respective district of Emmendingen. Look for the whole larger family in vain. net. Photos: Elisabeth Stratz Obermeister of the trade, the result of Freiburg and Nördlicher 8.5 percent price increase for egg The ceremony of acquittal sellenbrief and the obligatory Breisgau can turn out to be a great, very traditional and solemn red and white craftsman's scarf . Declines (163 brokerages, in the return for capital investors, when receiving special exemptions, they were supported by Anna in the previous year 182): there are even 29 formula for standing real estate, which go as far as Maria Schubnell, even as the best Around 58.1 million euros in sales percent since 2015. The trend can be traced back to the great Middle Ages. 54 Ge young electrical master of the hand- (+7.4 percent) and commissions from cities continues, the supply bottleneck sells, including a journeyman, Chamber of Commerce excellent. After around 2.8 million (+7.7 percent). remains, even in the district, despite the good standing the birth of everyone came on the stage. Despite the high demand, there has been demand from Freiburg since then. "There are duties from the apprenticeship contract against 15 journeymen of the electrical information nine years hardly any changes" is a suppression and are now as a freelance journeyman technology (Obermeister Martin Schubso board member Erich Greil and the competition ", Says Oliver Kamenisch himself, 4 of actually 8 metal construction managers at Sparkassen-Im- and Erich Greil, who answer too little. The formula ends after he / construction technician (Obermobilien-GmbH Oliver Kamenisch. Point out new development areas, but old custom with the wish "God witty and skilfully parodied Tobi master Andreas Lemminger), 11 of them In a press conference, managing director Oliver Kamenisch also put the honorable craft on the pressure from the population." It is not just Tina Turner who at 14 from the sanitary-heating trade renz the numbers and the development (left) and executive board Erich Greil von rung: Many do not want any unreasonable loosening of the celebratory en forma- climate (Obermeister Hubert Beche- last year before. Sparkassen-Immobilien-GmbH has grown rapidly. On the other hand, the greetings are given. rer) and finally 16 Feinwerkme- tres presented the development in 2018. Page pull many young families Previously, the Lord Mayor had chanics and 1 machining mecha- From the 163 placements of Spar- Photo: Michael Adams, people feel worn- Stefan Schlatterer, Thorsten Kille, in Torsten Kille, on the other hand, raised the niker. The highest training rate kasse Freiburg - Nördlicher Breisgau depends and extreme political position- Representation of District Administrator Hanno Duale training system, unique- for this year, the company was just under half in Freiburg. Discussions about new buildings are increasing. ”Examples for Neu-Hurth, and Headmaster Thomas Krutig in the world, made as a solution against Otto Männer GmbH from Bahlingen (78), 52 placements in Em- redensification and open space building prices (Euro / m2): EM (4,400 se from the vocational school Em- skills shortage Also for a total of 7 bachelors in Mendingen and 33 in Waldkirch. There- are run all over the country, there are 4700, +300), Kenzingen (3,700 mendingen the congratulations and Chamber of Crafts President Johan- to loosen up the festive 94 percent existing real estate even price increases at ält- 4,300), Waldkirch (4,200-4,700, appreciation of the young handnees Ullrich stands this training formalities was Parodis t Tobias and only 6 percent new buildings. The apartments and in rural areas +200 to the previous year). Journeyman as an expression of professional quality. Been engaged with the Gnacke. His per-property turnover in the district was space. There is little demand on the market. The mayor referred to the sentence “Every beginning is home to a list of famous singers and stars, with 24 million euros, 12 million euros, whoever finds an apartment or a savings bank broker critically Elzhalle, which you can still use after 30 years “, He demanded the newcomers of the present and past in residential houses, 10 million in egg house is looking for, has to react quickly, the distribution of the commission over the years encourages quality craftspeople to conjure up their career path and 2 million and often comes too late. Critically, the buyer and seller looked at work and did not complain, which is what the best foresight and laughter on the faces of the property and multi-family managers in Baden-Württemberg could mean up to now. Without the craft occupations. For school principals, parents, teachers, trainers so-houses. Money, which the developers often split up moderately (3 percent each), in drives, in Emmendingen it's around Thomas Kruse is the golden ground like officials. The conclusion of the “Before 2005 there was hardly any capital and the price was added. Neither country would not, the signal of the 300, if the city of Emmendingen would give the handicrafts again a golden, celebratory evening the standing leg, now we have low-interest rates, lacking alternatives and ho- Politics could not be negative as such , so his assessment has been. However, he warned against reception in the foyer of the Elzhalle. veau and are an immigration region, the rents are increasing in effect, it is feared and development. to stay, but instead called on Elisabeth Stratz, a difficult market with few properties. The state that the state earns from higher basic bids, which is rated as positive, will not settle so quickly. Dietenbach decision could purchase tax. What is new is the online something to change ”, says Erich Greil. The re-be a signal, but not everyone can wait four years to five years evaluation that will be offered in the future. Symbolic check for 27 elementary schools for record results. Patience is required, the experts say: “The square meter Freiburg together, now there are no prices for first sales. Only in remote locations can price advantages be found compared to properties close to the city: “There al- Volksbank donates beautiful Easter joy to building projects, summed up Oliver Kame- doubled, the trend towards singles, however, lacks infrastructure, shops, Emmendingen. Representatives of 27 This year we want the Oster-Boehle Primary School, Karl-Fried- nisch, with a big compliment to the e- households also leads to incorrect doctors, and travel times in primary schools must be from the business nest of primary schools from our rich -Schule, Markgrafen Grund- gen team, the business posi- tions so that individuals can be bought. ”Area of ​​the Volksbank Breisgau Region, which directly or and Realschule, the language healers and customer advisors together. Four-room apartments and Michael Adams Nord found customers of the elementary school, the Maturananhaus and Wednesday in the customer hall in Embank through the porter. “Education is the best Eduard Spranger school. mendingen a. They were all looking forward to travel provisions for the trip to the school. From the wider spread, to the handover of a symbolic age, ”Dreher used our newspaper to receive the three basic awards for lish donation checks worth a quote from Aristotle in Teningen, the basic of 1,000 euros each. To highlight valuable work in the primary schools in Malterdingen, Denzlin- “kern real estate”, “and we gen and Freiamt as well as Michael-Emmendingen. The Marktfor board spokesman Karl-Heinz Dre- want to support it ”. Alone school in Riegel. According to the research company Statisa leads her in his welcome from Emmendingen, the check handover was worth more than one million euros for the news magazine Focus, which invited the basic snack bar to an annual study in a symbolic check last 15 years with funds from the schools in Kollmarsreute, Mundin - also an opportunity to exchange ideas in the recently published Focus profit saving association for social income and water, the Carl Friedrich on professional and personal special "Real Estate Atlas 2018". directions were issued. Meerwein elementary school, Fritz level bot. Elisabeth Stratz In it, Focus lists Germany's top broker offices. To this end, around 13,000 brokers were examined, the best 1,000 are included in the overview and are recognized as “Top Real Estate Brokers 2019” Trade association starts its Easter campaign. The award of Germany's TOP Real Estate Emmendingen. Easter week traditionally begins at the commercial estate agent, based on an explicit consecration with the pasting of the brightly colored Easter eggs. As in the previous recommendations by membership years, around 9,000 Easter eggs were pasted on, which are now available from lmmobilienScout24 in the member shops of the trade association and given to the regional associations. This year, too, this joint German real estate association was a lot of fun. The competition for Hasenland IVD.An excellent hunt, designed as a search game in the shop windows, is in full swing in this study. Also at the center of the sticking action, which was carried out by many bosses and again Matthias Kern: his agent employee, was one of the large Easter Bunny offices “kern immobilien” in the Em- with the corresponding label (large egg with plush toy). The mendinger Karl-Freidrich-Straße participation in the competition is possible until Tuesday after Easter. For the seventh time in a row, partial cards are available in the member shops of the trade association. The representatives of the primary schools in the region were happy about the unexpected Easter present from the Volksbank Photo: privat lands. Breisgau North. Photo: Elisabeth Stratz

17th April 2019. Issue 16 Weekly Emmendinger Tor BUSINESS NOTES MUNDINGEN | 9 folk songs to sing along to All wines were convincing The Boldys came to the Gasthaus zum Eichbaum young wine tasting of the WG Köndringen Mundingen. Really good mood in Koendringen. There was a lot of sun and bad on Friday evening, no wonderful Mediterranean temperatures which, when around fifty guests came together until late in autumn, the whole area could also revitalize the winemakers of the men and women WG Köndringen will also be an early one. usually good and productive grapes. Ruth and Dieter Neubold, the “Bol- dys”, come from Mundingen, are- a total of 40 wine lovers, among them and play with guitar and stone- among other things, a delegation from Rischer harmonica for twelve years Eutingen im Gäu with their citizen- at least two Times a year on site, foremosts Armin Jöchle and Clemens often also in the surrounding community from the “cooking star hours” between Endingen and Reute. from Dresden, were able to participate in the Your repertoire is unbelievable and this year's young wine tasting in the bass contains about 74 songs, from old German wine cellars, from folk songs to hits from the sun together with the win- ning 60s: The Krütskopflied, every day made by the WG Köndringen is a gift, the gypsy is funny, convince. Edgar Jakob led the group on a cellar tour to experience all the processes, From gray city walls, beaming faces: Ruth and Dieter Neubold, the Boldys, arrived at the Volkslie- In Breisach, wine production was introduced. Photo: Holger Fuchs After my home, good friends, they sing in the Gasthaus zum Eichbaum. Photo: Michael Adams one with a champagne reception from When the colorful flags are waving, Edgar Jakob recommends it in the wine cellar, it then went through a tunnel of champagne, the miller is dry and harmonic, a mill stands ... You know Lie and Bernd Maier is a passionate singer and harpist with her guitars. Edgar Jakob led the group into the wooden barrel cellar of the Winzer- nisch, the Grauburgunder, Weiss- der still, especially older vintages from Nimburg, Ernst Rich from the Steiri- monikaspiele, who also with a dance cape on a large cellar tour in the cellar. They greeted them with Burgundy, Pinot Noir, Riesling by heart, and there were Lieschen harmonica from Reute. pelle occurs. “In the past, every wine-making process - a Köndringer Pinot Noir was at the table. ling, Muskateller and the Lembergerhefte with the texts, so that “We want to get the songs, the bak afasse gsunge and with the Welschlung one. After the hour or so in a chivalrous-looking hall. All wines were convincing - everyone could sing along. In between, the older people like to sing together, it doesn't matter - and there was often the first overriding when there was guidance, then under the moderation. At the end of the day, spontaneous interludes were allowed and it would be a shame if it were lost “, like today! “Such a guest, who liked the surprise in the form of a glass of wine and a presentation by Edgar Jakob Tag with a hearty winegrower, also from guests, later Dieter Neubold, who used to be a professional. dringer Müller-Thurgau dry and tasted eight young wines. There are other musicians at the Winzerhüs in Köndringen: Gerd Ehret is a schoolteacher, now a pensioner, and Michael Adams is harmonious. With the electric railroad it was the end of the Pinot Blanc. Flat-sharing community in the Mundinger vicarage renovated and ready to move into Mundingen's first over 50s flat share In the former vicarage, a special residential project will start on June 1st - rooms still available in Mundingen. The parish, built in 1693 - that there is a large garden and house is the oldest still standing the old wash house. Both buildings in Mundingen. More than can be used together. The village pastors and their families lived here in the attic for three centuries. still opportunities for expansion. Now the house is becoming a flat share - on June 1st the project “Over 50 - for people beyond the flat share” is to start. According to Steinle, 50. is expressly not about assisted living for seniors. The Köndringen · Blochmattenstr. 9 · Tel. 0 76 41/4 81 66 The Ge building has been in place in Friedrich-Mößner-Strasse for three years. Much more he imagines “a kind of empty”. The reason: Mundingen shares a self-governing municipality for people with a pastor's position with Köndringen. people over 50 who simply want a community that is great for both communities ”. Intermediate Andreas Ströble lives with between four and six residents so that his family will live here in the Köndringer Pfarrlen in future. As a warm house. The Protestant church prizes are 400 euros per person - family R. Busam meinde Mundingen-Landeck - a very good price. Interest- Eichholzstraße 13 · EM-Mundingen · Telephone 0 76 41/81 02 therefore decided to sell the whole area. You are welcome to buy by phone from. From a number of those interested in the Steinle family, Heike and (0178/8025901) and a visit - Bernd Steinle were awarded the contract. Make an appointment. “Any entrepreneurial couple from Mundingen when,” says the owner, “is supposed to run the company at the B3 intersection. The rectory, built in 1793, is Mundingen's oldest building. WG then manages the casting itself by BS Bauelemente (Velux). shape when a space becomes free ”. In mid-2018, the purchase note for the conversion of the two lower Daniel Gorzalkarians was certified. Floors made themselves immediately. Among other things, the Steinles got to work. The parsonage, which was affected by mold from the triple-glazed windows, was cleaned, the kitchen renewed, the bathrooms initially drained and modernized, the floors and spores freed. So that the stairs were also renovated and the walls remained that way, they were built around the building and the doors were repainted. House has a drainage system and a pumping pit is around 200 square meters. In addition, there was a new living space. Through a hall ventilation system. Then, with stairs, two floors are seamlessly connected to each other. Dividing it into two electrical engineering apartments would not make sense. “That is why we decided to make a flat share out of it - Dieter Wöhrlin at the age of 50,” explained Bernd Steinle to EM-Mundingen. The stairwell offers everyone who visits on Friday morning. Oberbergstrasse 14 when entering the building, the rooms are also very warm. The rooms are ideal for telephone 0 76 41/4 74 71 reception. predestined for this. In addition, there is a flat share. Photos: Daniel Gorzalka All-round protection Volker Kasper for the whole year with VELUX roller shutters Master tiler Skylights · Shutters · Sun protection Rely on individual service • Advice • Sales • Installation of tiles, slabs and mosaic work T Non-binding offer NOW bricklaying, concrete and Reinforced concrete work new construction and renovation in the interior and exterior area Phone 0 76 41/5 35 07 "!!!! Mobile 01 71 - 4 40 66 06 [email protected] BS Bauelemente GmbH • Dorfstrasse 1 • 79312 Emmendingen

10 | EMMENDINGEN April 17, 2019. Issue 16 weekly newspaper Emmendinger Tor Maschinenring Breisgau on the up again Homesickness after the original seven journeys in nine years in a book with many photos Chairman Dieter Zimmermann confirms his position in Emmendingen. Seven years in the district of Emmendingen. Local photo reporter Michael Breisgau knew Michael Breisgau from the general meeting of the ET readers, who met the ET readers very well. He was interested in the Adams for his latest book “Das Landkreise Emmendingen und Land - There out in me”. His Breisgau-Hochschwarzwald, the biggest project after the Streckt so far, was able to show the managing director of “India Rev” and chael Metzger, after the difficult “silence” and the booklet on the past, a clear on last year's photo exhibition, as the upward trend. The assembly at the book launch and prelation took place for the first time in March-Buch- The Board of Management (from left): Chairman of the Board Dieter Zimmermann, Jürgen Scheer, Herbert Maucher, Michael Mieren-Reading explained. at home, a total of over 150 guests, Jochen Hagenguth, Manfred Schwaab, Stephan Herrenweger, Stefan Ambs and managing director Michael te with 108 eligible voters. Photo: private 380 pages and more than 60 photos are welcomed. In the case of the elections, this also includes being presented to Michael Adams. Dieter Zimmer-around was chaired and managed to manage the treasury with a great deal of talent. The discharge Schwaab, in the extended board scope large project, in the latest book “Das Land - Dortmann confirmed in office. The accumulated profit of 26,000 euros for 2017 and 2018 was due to Stefan Ambs, Jochen Hagenguth, Adams and his impressions and experiences - outside in me ”. shut down. In parallel, the Li applications could be carried out individually. Chairman Herbert Maucher and new to the committee from his renewed trips to Photo: Elisabeth Stratz In his welcome, room availability improved massively and Dieter Zimmermann was joined by Jürgen Scheer. New in the advisory board favorite and refuge from his man again to be lowered on the business liabilities. with four votes against, Hansjörg Eble was elected for the year. describes a past. Visiting woman- foot. A change of leadership with his son, which also relieved further investments in 2017 with 96.2 percent. The advisory board members Michael ke von Troschke, founder of the day he made a round trip to New business year, significantly machinery park should be short-term real- former managing directors Heinz Hoenig and Gerhard von der Heydt book archives, praised in their introductory York and Maine and describes his has shaped . In the subsequent lized. There was already a new Rehm with just three yes votes. For more than 20 years of activity, the quiet, special close relationship with him. Business and cash reports were rented tractor on offer and a men or 96.4 Percent of the discharge in the advisory board with a present and reflective but very touch- and the discovery of one's own al- the butcher ordered through the manure spreader found for summer 2019. denied. All other dismissals are a laudation by the chairman of the board of directors of the author, to which also the releasing of the difficult business situation of the board, the advisory board and the law was passed. one must also perceive small things. In between a Wande- one and the GmbH subsidiary. “Legal auditor Jürgen Jäger from Irregular Management was unanimous. In his closing words he thanked them and described them emphatically. In addition to his place of birth Bretten, together with the staff in 2017, which the carpenter, who was confirmed in office, was divided into seven chapters, his current home Heimbach with and employees, the ship was then finally elected without notice to those present for their participation homesickness for the original many impressive encounters, however, brought it back on track, ”said the dismissal of the former president. This was reflected in the managing director. The Ge Dieter Zimmermann with 93.6 pro. But he also feels the on- France to Santiago de Com- Crete, Sardinia and Sicily. Subsequently also in the cash management I immediately intervened in the office and confirmed. All further breaks among the members and is postela, the first day of which he was to unite the reading with the institution again. If the counters and countermeasures were initiated, elections to the board of directors and advisory board ensured that the machine ring aisle reading point for the 15 visitors to press on the day of departure from New York, accumulated losses over the years, so that such processes followed unanimously. Representative of a positive future. With the re-spanning the arc to the beginning in 2016 and 2017, we cannot repeat it to over 300,000 euros, says Jäger. If Stephan Herrenwe- see continues, according to the chairman, on the reliving of childhood memories and his emotional difficulties, the gymnastics was achieved in 2018. Jäger certified an excellent for 2018, Michael Kiss and Manfred Schluss. In his grandfather's house in Sla - to start a journey and then to return to normal with the trip to the Indian - land of New Mexico and Canada made clear. The next step is to acquire the Bu change at the top of the table, and finally, after 36 years, to return to the fishing village in South India by train, rickshaw and to ches you can contact the author at [email protected] like to contact. Elisabeth Stratz annual general meeting of the tables Emmendingen and Waldkirch Emmendingen / Waldkirch (jb). Despite Mayor Roman Götz- successful integration and sinkenmann had promised that the unemployment figures still fall back. On the other hand, table shops in Emmendingen and the new deep-freeze vehicle, which, with Waldkirch, are an important point of support from Emmendingen, are secured for people receiving transfer money from Teningen and Waldkirch, or for people with low incomes. When could be. Delivery to the annual general meeting on Monday in July at the latest. This meant that the high maintenance costs in the Waldkirch Red House were no longer required, as was the generation change of the old vehicle. With rent, on the board of directors. Additional costs, four part-time workers and three 450-euro jobs would come mo- The introduction to the membership- The newly elected board of the Emmendingen-Waldkirch board. This year, of course, around 12,000 euros in fixed costs was taken over by Photo: Jens Brodacz ten together. The only reliable source of income, however, is Emmendingen, and thus more than two years, of which 1,000 men. “Four very strongly committed membership fees. New member partners of the table shops. Disch even longer than four years without arguing board members are therefore just as important as terte initially the current situation in the work. For a new “Teilhabe-Chan-” announced that donations will no longer be allowed. District. While the labor center law “Disch was looking forward to the dieren.” Uschi Zipfel, Friedhelm marktlage is widely referred to as “full cooperation with the food banks and Wölker, Christel Treffeisen and Jo- new elections”, the WABE. Beneficiaries, the hannes Klappich went to the association With the upcoming board members - 5,600 people were not lost in the last seven years - although not lost, Peter Drebezug would first have to be in the preselection. Many of the beneficiaries worked less than one was employed but had to be replaced. Also ßen confirmed in office. Gerhard Rei- A varied community weekend in the low-wage sector, are now a sponsorship of 100 Peter Dreßen himself announced that chenbacher and Heinz Krastel were in Emmendingen. The Emmendingen city mission had elected their parishioners, too young for the labor percentage of wage costs in the first after the three-year electoral term, to be their deputies. weekend. There was a wide range of programs for young market or for too long without working two years, after that ten “finally back to old age” per year - Christina Hil- und Alt remains the secretary. Thomas Neuer, community pastor from Durlach, worked. The percentage of refugees is less than five years. debrand. Gerhard travels to the cashier to familiarize himself with the subject of "Sheep and Shepherd" based on the Bible - over 30 percent one of the longest. The tables alone are currently a challenge for the Reichenbacher. There was also a joint excursion to climb in the country. “There is a lot going on”, three of these forces are likely to overtake the rent increase for the Waldkircher chosen: Ulrich Niemann, Jutta climbing hall in Emmendingen and a games evening. Disch noted the climax. From 1,200 cattle. All in all, it is a shop. Although the rooms were for Beckmann, Petra Weiler, Serap Balli, and the end was the joint service for the whole family, 360 have been successful in around 34 cases in the district.Executive Board location still favorable, with Susanne Gens-Lehmann, Alexander lie integrated with various program items and activities for the children in the labor market. Up-to-date Peter Dreßen saw in his work that one had to look at Un-Kauz, Friedhelm Wölker and Herder. This ended with lunch together. The visitors, around 2,000 people, have been a “turning point” for the city of Waldkirch since the report, Bert Jochum. went home strengthened and encouraged from the time we had together. Photo: private Fairkauf: Unique gift towels Sewing workshop on the nationwide “EINZIGWARE” day at 48 ° Süd Emmendingen. A second life benches, from advertising banners a culture table for discarded items could be called moth, from fire service jackets it could be called schürto. “A zen and pencil case came to the sewing event. The idea of ​​a good mix of refugees and Furoshiki cloths came from the local people ”, bookseller Werner Bürk, who would be happy to put Marlies Hartmann (Leicher in gift cloths from the sewing workshop) and Andreas cloth, Edith Kulzer-Eichler, at the office (The upcycling specialist at Schwab from Caritas brought the Fairkauf on Elzdamm) on the previous Thursday. It was the starting point in St. Boniface and 48 ° South for the Furoshiki Tümen project. Made of silk, cotton, linen as an alternative to gift paper or synthetics, in Japan they are used with pier and packaging waste. using a simple knot technique, gifts are wrapped in Furoshiki. The EINZIGWARE-Tag is a donation for the finished Germany-wide campaign of 20 cloths from May in book and trade workshops in which there are gift shops in Emmendingen, spring paddling with nature lovers, refugees and long-term seamstresses to work: Marlies Hartmann (right) is delighted Denzlingen, Kenzingen and Her-Emmendingen. On Sunday the water sports enthusiasts of the nature-unemployed met. Find out about the promotion on EINZIGWARE-Tag at Fairkauf on Thursday. Photo: Michael Adams bolzheim as packaging friends, under the direction of Veit Krimmel, there were discount campaigns at the annual spring. The proceeds will go to the lingspaddeln. The goal was the Taubergießen nature reserve. From overwriting to painting campaigns for children, met to make Furoshiki cloths. But how do they find customers? Aid fund of the kfd network (catholic houses went on the tranquil Altrheinarm to Kappel. The music and bistro - to sew the appropriate donated fabrics, we need a lot of commitment for this - women's community) "Women in participants were impressed by the diversity of nature . Despite little space for the open sewing unit, many have great upcycling pro-tig here. With Fairkauf you can benefit from a lot of “fin-not”. spring-like temperatures it was a great experience. Photo: private place. “28 seamstresses” said Marlies Hartmann. the, old beds are made to seat - Michael Adams

Living at Bürgerpark 2 in Kenzingen in Wonnentaler Weg 14 PLANNING AND ARCHITECTURE Architects THOMAS NAGEL Im Kronenwinkel 1 · 79331 Teningen The last vacant lot was closed. In 2016 the groundbreaking ceremony took place for “Wohnen am Bürgerpark” with 22 condominiums. Due to the high demand, the building complex in the Klostermatten was quickly sold. Right next to it, the area is being continued structurally, which is appropriately called “Wohnen am Bürgerpark 2”. In autumn, the spades were swung again to mark the laying of the foundation stone. After only seven months, the topping-out ceremony was celebrated last week (see title page). It was the last vacant vacant lot for apartment buildings in Klostermatten. The densification measures aimed at by the city have now come to an end in this area. Bernhard Kuri acquired part of the property from Walter Opitz's former window construction company four years ago. Brother Michael Kuri acquired the shell construction, the last gap for apartment buildings in Klostermatten has been closed. Execution of the shell work at the beginning of last year with his construction photos: Werner Schnabl trägergesellschaft, the MKH Wohnbau GmbH the remaining area, in order to once again value the GmbH, which is exclusively from the region, which is noble residential district for quality and adherence to deadlines. The start of construction is very important for the eleven, Kuri continues. Despite the high-quality two-, three- and four-room- currently good order situation, mer-apartments was able to co-ordinate the schedule in September 2018. The sales of the apartments were done with proven hands-on via Michael Kuri Real estate workers and planners have a problem in Kenzingen. The unfinished process with the highest quality is scheduled for March 2020. In terms of claims, earth, first and second upper could be guaranteed. Thanks in particular to Kuri, there are three residential units each. The architectural office Thomas Nagel & "# $" units are housed. The Attikage for good cooperation and the pro- schoss have two non-professional apartments. In general. The entire complex is being built in the real estate agent with the KfW 55 energy standard. So far, the project has been very satis- From the drawing board to the model. Michael Kuri can be proud of the successful project. Continuation until the cows move in will continue to be twelve deep projects. At the bottom left is the model of the residential complex currently being built. fer sure. Thanks to the garage parking spaces and seven parking spaces in winter, the construction company Helmut has outdoor spaces. These are two more institutions for Wieder-Kern GmbH the work before the +) "* than has to be proven. Aufbau (KfW) end the given time window" This will make the prevailing positions there, because they can. + "# $ "##!) $ 'Traffic and parking lot situation he standard saves Kuri and his property developer - #% $' # $ #% $ 'defused", says Michael Kuri For this, we will look for suitable building sites. Elevated building level close to the Elz, which flows past due to The projects that are to be built, and the state subsidies are manageable and lie between "Your partner if you are looking for professionals ! ”Citizens park bordering on it. A look is rewarded with three and 15 residential units. From the balcony of the shell, anyone who is thinking of selling idyll in the“ old green ”can already guess quality and their property. It will be in full Bloom Adherence to deadlines with Michael Kuri Lammstrasse 14 seems to be non-binding, when the spring has finally moved in. Kuri counted 18 by phone (07644/913020), by fax 79312 EMMENDINGEN. The second Prowerk on the phone (07644/913022), mobile (0170 / phone 0 76 41/91 92-0 jekt from Kuri Immobilien supplements at the end of the construction phase 8345999) or by email (info @ kuri- fax 0 76 41/91 92-12 E-Mail: The former ideal. A criterion for the interlocking immobilien.de) in connection set- [email protected] Acquisition of the apartments, which are already high above the top judgment, which traditionally zen with each other . Expert advice and all are sold, even the one swallowed with a broken glass is likely to complete. the living space is guaranteed. Service professional for household appliances (customer service energy efficiency class 55 of the credit agencies. Werner Schnabl comes to them for all makes) Execution of the interior plaster and interior insulation Hermann-Mitsch-Str. 24 • 79108 Freiburg Tel. 0761/84051 • Fax 0761/806303 www.emter.de • [email protected]emter.de We congratulate you on the successful new building and thank you very much for the order placed! Since 1922 painter and Gm bH & Co .KG plastering shop Flachdach Ingo Lehmann Steildach 79312 Emmendingen Sheet metal works Telephone 0 76 41/9 62 12 17 Terrassen Telefax 0 76 41/9 62 12 15 Freiburg - Glottertal Ignaz Haas Garagen email: info @ lehmann- dach.de In den Engematten 13 · 79286 Glottertal Painters and Dormers www.lehmann-dach.de 0 76 84/10 35 · E-Mail: [email protected] Plastering shop