What is a Social Media Strategist

Social media strategy

1. Term: The social media strategy defines behavior and measures to achieve long-term goals with the help of and in social media. The use of social networks, weblogs, microblogs, wikis and photo and video platforms is examined for strategic importance and determined for one's own company or organization. Interfaces to customers and partners must be taken into account.

2. Development: The social media strategy should be based on the corporate strategy. First, the goals that are to be achieved through the use of social media are set out. It should be considered whether, for example, internal and external communication or gaining knowledge and employees should be in the foreground. Then the target group is determined. Statements about the content in the individual media, including scope, form and style, resources, growth and monitoring are important. Social media guidelines and models are being developed in order to concretise the strategic goals and to specify the operational steps; Action plans and checklists can also be used to specify the operational steps.

3. Discussion and outlook: One of the chances of a social media strategy is that it prevents fragmentation into groups and interests and ensures long-term use of social media for the benefit of the company's success and competitive advantages. One of the risks is that the definition and distribution of social media will exaggerate the importance of social media, make you dependent on certain providers and give preference to some channels while others have long been leading. Basically, social media must be questioned, from business administration, law and media and information ethics, in relation to their commercial operation, to privacy and data protection. Companies and organizations should change and strengthen not only external, but also internal communication that takes place in the protected space.