Johnny Depp is a sex addict

Russell Brand: Addiction problems date back to childhood

From watching TV and poor nutrition

Brand is certain: his drug and sex addiction, which the actor has been under control for nine years, was already sealed by his behavior in childhood.

The comedy actor, who has struggled with drug and sex addiction in the past, believes that behavior of this kind is already decisively shaped by behavior at a young age. Above all, the actor sees television consumption and poor nutrition as the root of all evil. "It was very obvious in the way I watched TV as a kid. Too much TV, too many chocolate cookies," the 37-year-old admits in The Guardian newspaper. He explains: "For me, addiction means indulging in something all the time, even if it has negative effects." Specifically, Brand means: "Some people can eat chocolate and some eat it until they get fat and then they make themselves vomit it all again. Some people can watch a little pornography, others watch each other all night more and more deviant porn. " Brand, who is divorced from the pop singer Katy Perry, knows: "If you have this requirement - and I call it illness - then drugs work very well because they create a physical desire for the psychological evil." The 'Men's Trip' star has now been clean for nine years and admits to himself that his subsequent success is actually very unusual for someone who is cured of an addiction. In the meantime, however, he prepares himself for his real happiness through the ability to deal with his problems. "Not everyone gets away from it, can be seen in films afterwards and lives a little superficial glamor life," emphasizes Brand. "But to be honest, and it's really easy for me: this is fucking bullshit anyway. Anyone who isn't completely stupid knows that there is no real satisfaction or satisfaction like 'Oh, you have a nice car', when you're not happy inside. What is really valuable to me is that I now have what it takes to get my life under control. "
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