How do I develop a better memory

The photographic memory

In colloquial language, photographic memory is described as a special ability with which visual perception like a photo can be stored in memory. This allows details of this “mental photograph” to be accessed longer than usual.

So far, however, this phenomenon has never been properly proven. it is supposed that 5 to 10 percent of children have a photographic memory, which they lose over the years.
Also at Savants - these are people with cognitive disabilities or developmental disorders who have exceptional talents, so-called island talents, in a small sub-area - this ability is sometimes observed.

The photographic memory cannot be trained in this sense. However, memory performance can be increased significantly in other ways. So could be a targeted one Memory training to greatly improve the Retention and memory span to lead.

Increase performance with memory training

Memory training aims to improve memory performance. However, memory is also linked to numerous other cognitive abilities. Therefore, memory training can also improve other performance, such as:

  • Retention and memory span
  • Logical thinking
  • Ability to learn and think
  • Language comprehension
  • Numeracy

The memory training must take certain factors into account. It always has to be Customize your performance, because only those who train to their personal limits can improve. Furthermore, the intensity and duration of the training must be precisely coordinated in such a way that it improves memory performance in everyday life and not just in the individual memory exercises.

Memory training on NeuroNation

If you don't have a photographic memory, it doesn't matter. On NeuroNation you have the opportunity to increase your memory. With over 60 memory exercises and games, 7 courses and lots of tips from the blog you can improve the performance of your brain sustainably. The training program is developed together with neuropsychologists so that the highest level of effectiveness can be achieved.