Is a threat an attack

Insulting, threatening and attacking police forces - arrest

No. 1538
Last night police officers in Kreuzberg were insulted, threatened and attacked by a man. According to initial findings, the 30-year-old was asked by the emergency services at around 8 p.m. to leave a BVG bus at a terminus in Skalitzer Strasse. He did not want to do this after being contacted by BVG staff. The drunk man allegedly insulted the police forces, threatened them with violence and hit them in the direction of their upper body. The two emergency services were able to evade the attacks and were therefore uninjured. They then arrested the 30-year-old and later took him into custody to have a blood sample taken, from where he was released after the police measures were taken. A 20-year-old filmed the police operation on his cell phone. This was then confiscated on the basis of a court order obtained. After the seizure, the man climbed onto a fence and threatened to injure his neck. Other emergency services who had already been called for support pulled him away and took him into custody. Due to his mental state, he was presented to a doctor in a hospital and then admitted to the hospital. During the police measures, several people showed solidarity with the two arrested persons by loudly expressing their displeasure with the police measures. Only when more emergency services came to support did the situation calm down so that the police forces could carry out and terminate their measures.