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The champion puts an exclamation mark

The defending champion continues where he left off: In the opening game of the new NFL season, the Seattle Seahawks defeat the Green Bay Packers with 36:16 (BOXSCORE) and impressively live up to their role as favorites. The defense in particular dominates against a frustrated Aaron Rodgers who never really gets the Packers rolling.

After a slow start and a fumble from Punt Returner Earl Thomas, who gave the guests from Wisconsin the only lead in the game, Seattle increased the pace and made 19 points in a row. Especially running back Marshawn Lynch (110 YDS, 2 TD) and all-purpose weapon Percy Harvin (160 YDS in total) excelled against an overwhelmed defense, which repeatedly made life difficult for itself with penalties at the wrong time. Quarterback Russell Wilson (191 YDS, 2 TD) showed an almost flawless performance.

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On the other hand, Rodgers, traded as a potential MVP by many, also missed the 200-yard mark (189 YDS, 1 TD, 1 INT). Green Bay was inferior in all parts of the team and could have lost even more. The best receiver was Jordy Nelson (83 YDS), running back Eddy Lacy had to leave the game prematurely with a suspected concussion.

The reactions:

Russell Wilson (Quarterback Seattle): "'Lord have mercy because we have Percy', I always say. He's a great player, he plays hard, he pushes the other receivers. They get along great."

Percy Harvin (Receiver Seattle): "We have even more weapons in the offense, we have even more experience. And the guys on defense, Kam [Chancellor] and Earl [Thomas] are still a year ahead."

Richard Sherman (Cornerback Seattle): "Even with us, everything was far from perfect. We gave away some chances lightly. We definitely still have room for improvement, but that is also our aim."

Aaron Rodgers (quarterback Green Bay): "Today we saw what the Seahawks are all about. They have a great defense. We didn't expect in advance that we would score points on every drive. But that's when you have to make better use of your opportunities."

Mike McCarthy (Head Coach Green Bay): "We didn't implement our plan in the slightest. It all came together. We couldn't stop them and we also got ourselves some penalties. So it's impossible to turn the momentum around."

The SPOX feature film:

Before the kick-off: It starts again 214 days after Super Bowl XLVIII: The Green Bay Packers are a guest at the Seattle Seahawks. The champion lost a few players (including wide receiver Sidney Rice), but almost all top performers could be retained. 15 of the last 16 home games in the regular season have been won, but: No team has been able to defend the title since 2004.

On the other hand, Packers-Heach coach Mike McCarthy relies on his fully recovered quarterback star Aaron Rodgers, who should lead the Packers back to the top of the NFC after a season with just eight wins. In defense one has strengthened among others with Bears icon Julius Peppers.

9.: Seattle makes the first points of the season with a field goal. However, they are literally given away by Green Bay: First, Brad Jones allows an interception to be knocked out of his hand, then a man runs into the punter at Fourth Down. Steven Hauschka says thank you. 3-0 Seattle.

11.: Fumble! That Safety Earl Thomas gave the punt returner for Seattle surprised some experts. So far justified: Thomas does not show a fair catch and cannot catch the leather. Green Bay recovers.

14.: Kuuuuhn! The fullback comes from two yards against several opponents somehow over the line - Touchdown Packers. The turnover shortly before turned the momentum by 180 degrees, because before that there wasn't much going on the offensive. 7: 3 Green Bay!

18.: Now it's quick! The Seahawks only need four plays to take the lead again - including two big plays on Percy Harvin and Ricardo Lockette. He makes rookie Ha Ha Clinton-Dix look very old in one-on-one and walks into the end zone. 10: 7 Seahawks.

27.: The Seahawks' offense is now doing what it wants: Running back Marshawn Lynch has plenty of space and rumbles over nine yards into the end zone. Already 59 yards for him. 5:10 pm Seattle.

30.: In the two-minute drill, Rodgers missed an open receiver, the Packers popped. With one minute left on the clock, however, the home side can no longer set up a drive. Break. 5:10 pm Seahawks.

35.: That hurts! The Packers get Seattle's offense off the field, but Rodgers's first pass is a little too far for Nelson - from whose fingertips he bounces into the arms of Byron Maxwell. Interception! Hauschka adds another field goal. 8:10 p.m. Seattle.

39.: Seattle Defense puts the thumbscrews on! Maxwell can prevent a long pass to Nelson when the Packers play off the fourth attempt, Clint Avril plays big. Sackcloth and possession for Seattle. Still 20:10.

41.: Now it's going to be sticky! Green Bay gets the ball back, but on the first snap, Michael Bennett tackle Derek Sherrod and catches Rodgers! Sack fumble and then the safety! 10:10 p.m. Seattle.

46.: Beast mode! The next walk from Lynch to the end zone - the offensive line has shoveled a gap in front of him that a small car would fit through. Is that the final decision? 29:10 Seahawks.

51.: Maybe something is still possible? Good rushes from James Starks make Rodgers' first TD pass possible for Randall Cobb. But the two-point conversion goes wrong. Only 29:16 Seattle left.

58.: Nothing there. Seattle plays cool down the clock, then fullback Derrick Coleman scores again. On the fourth try, mind you. The Packers defensive duped again. 36:16.

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The star of the game: Percy Harvin. Last season he was out injured for a long time - and then showed in the Super Bowl that he gives the Seahawks offense a completely different dimension. Whether as a receiver (59 yards), as a surprise in run play (41 yards) or as a kick returner (60 yards): Harvin is simply incredibly fast, agile, and almost impossible to stop. In addition, he tore large holes for his teammates as a constant threat.

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The flop of the game: Derreck Sherrod is representative of a, let's say "suboptimal" performance by Green Bay's Offensive Line. Three sacks were allowed, and Sherrod looked very old when it came to safety. In addition, you couldn't get the running game to run: Only 3.8 yards per attempt is not enough.

That fell on:

  • The game was reminiscent of the Super Bowl at times: The Packers' offensive line repeatedly let Rodgers down against the strong Pass Rush - and if he had time, no big play was possible against the Legion of Boom. Once you pulled a 44-yard pass interference against Bobby Wagner, but that was it.
  • On the other hand, Seattle dominated on the ground because the linebackers in green and yellow had big problems: Percy Harvin was too fast and agile for them, Marshawn Lynch too beefy. Result: Lots of bad tackle.
  • That explains the outstanding numbers on the ground: Seattle accumulated 37 rushes for 207 yards, 127 more than Green Bay.
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  • After the rain of flags in the preseason, many fans feared something similar this weekend. A single game is not enough for a judgment, but the penalties, especially in the secondary, were manageable overall. Of course, this could also be due to the Legion of Boom ...
  • But Green Bay often made it difficult for itself. Whenever you wanted to get the momentum on your own side, a holding extended the opposing drive, added a face mask penalty or you plowed up the opposing kicker. The possible interception in the initial phase was also carelessly forgiven.
  • Not a single pass from Aaron Rodgers went in the direction of Richard Sherman. The guests more or less sacrificed one side of the field, they never tried! Receiver Jarrett Boykin was more or less sacrificed to the star cornerback. In this way, the Seahawks' safeties could easily orient themselves in the direction of the other receivers.
  • Will Earl Thomas be used as a punt returner in the long term? The Safety screwed up a fumble on the second attempt and gave the Packers seven points. After that he didn't have to answer again, but maybe Pete Carroll will come up with a better solution in a week? Percy Harvin, for example. Or the actual number two Richard Sherman - he has nothing else to do.

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