What is the most attractive male outfit

Attractive: Men find these items of clothing particularly sexy

We took a look around for you, which clothes are particularly popular with men according to studies. And a little warning: The selection is very clich├ęd. If you want to try it out in reality, you are welcome to take a look at the picture gallery. We have linked you to the most beautiful looks for after-shopping, because there is really nothing wrong with compliments from the world of men ...

1. Off shoulder dresses and blouses

According to a study by the University of New South Wales, men love long and lean arms. The test subjects actually reacted more strongly to this than to long legs. And which piece of clothing would be better suited for showing off your arms than a strapless top? Incidentally, this season is also very trendy. If you want to find out more about shoulder-free it-pieces, you are welcome to take a look at our articles. We'll tell you how to best style strapless blouses and dresses.­čśĆ

2. High heels

According to a study, women in high heels should appear more attractive to men and should also be addressed more frequently. Unsurprisingly. After all, most women feel more confident in high heels, walk straighter and exude a certain elegance. So if you want to score points with men, you can wear high heels every now and then. But it is important that the shoes look stylish, you feel comfortable and can walk in them (if you look like a stork on ice, it may have the opposite effect).

3. The color red

If you want to be an eye-catcher for men, simply wear items in the powerful color red, which is also known to be a symbol of love. Men find women who wear red clothing extremely attractive. By the way, red clothes affect both sexes in a certain way. However, scientists have found that women perceive red clothing on other women as a warning and classify them as less faithful. So be careful, ladies, please don't stick your claws out.

4. The little black one

It is simply the dress for all occasions - the "little black dress". With the dress you are always well and elegantly dressed. It signals self-confidence, intelligence and most importantly: style. It may sound strange that a black dress should be attractive, but actually it's only good for us. After all, every woman should own at least one of these classics. You can find out which models cheat you particularly slim here.

5. Body-hugging dresses

Good news: No size zero, men prefer a curvy hourglass silhouette! And so that it comes into its own, the guys find figure-hugging dresses hot. So that you are seductive and look stylish at the same time, you should pay attention to a few things: It is important that the dress is of high quality and well made so that it does not look "cheap". In addition, you shouldn't wear underwear that shows itself (because it can look unattractive, even if you're slim). It is best to use underwear without seams - "seamless" underwear.

You have to say - not everyone is the same. There are certainly men who find completely different things attractive. The important thing is that you stay true to your own style and that you don't disguise yourself. Then you effortlessly exude self-confidence, which is most popular with the male sex

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