Should I flush the toilet at night

Absurd complaints: "Can my neighbor go to the toilet at night?"


Loud sex in the rented apartment is okay, but playing the trumpet is not. A legal advisor from the tenants' association tells what is allowed and what is not.

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When people live in a confined space with their neighbors, every second of peace can be precious. The slightest noise can quickly put your nerves on hold. Some landlords try to help themselves with extremely detailed house rules and to keep the peace in the residential complex.

In his role as legal advisor at the Swiss Tenants' Association, Ruedi Spöndlin has already dealt with many dissatisfied tenants. He told 20 minutes about his bizarre complaints and explained which noises are permitted in a rented apartment.

At night to the toilet

If tenants feel disturbed by the peeing or washing up noises or are they even woken up by it, you have to live with it. Spöndlin remembers how a tenant, embarrassed, asked him if she could forbid her neighbor to go to the toilet at night. "Of course we had to tell her that this is not possible."

Wash dishes at lunchtime

Even if there is a rest period between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. in many places, tenants are allowed to wash the dishes over lunch. Spondlin remembers a disgruntled tenant who even recorded the sound on a device. That was of no use to him.

Every now and then, according to Spondlin, people complain that their neighbors would refurbish at night. This is not allowed. "With such complaints, however, it often turns out that the neighbor only got up from his chair a few times."

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Nightly conversations

Even at night, not all noises are absolutely forbidden. According to Spöndlin, “room volume” applies during the night. "That means that you can talk and listen to music so loud that you can understand it in the same room." On a balcony, "table volume" applies from the time you go to sleep, so that you can only hear it at the same table. "

Having audible sex in the rented apartment is not prohibited. “So-called 'pleasure noises' are part of the normal sounds of life,” says Spöndlin.

Baby crying is inevitable and must be tolerated by the neighbors. Older children also have the right to play in the apartment during the day. At night, however, children should not romp or scream loudly. "If a child has a nightly rage attack, the parents cannot always do something about it," says Spondlin. Those who live near families must expect such noises.

Complaints about playing the piano would always come back to the advice center. “Playing an instrument for two to three hours a day is completely acceptable,” says Spöndlin. Very loud instruments such as drums or trumpets should not be practiced in a rented apartment.

Listen to music loudly or watch TV

Excessively loud listening to music or watching TV should be avoided out of respect for the neighbors. "You sometimes find young tenants with no living skills who still listen to loud music late at night and react aggressively when you talk to them about it," says Spöndlin. But it also happens that older residents watch TV too loudly because they can no longer hear well.

What if the neighbor keeps complaining?

If a tenant makes psychological terror with unjustified noise complaints, the other tenant is often left behind. According to Spöndlin, the tenant who complained first usually took over the administration for himself. "If the landlord has reason to believe that the complainant is driving too many tenants away, a termination can be justified," says Spondlin. But that is difficult to prove, and attempts are usually made to mediate between tenants. «Otherwise we usually advise the other tenant to look for a new apartment. You won't be happy in a house like this in the long run. "

According to Annekäthi Krebs from the homeowners association, the long-term complainants are also a difficult situation for landlords. "There will always be tenants like this, as a landlord you have to learn to assess whether they limit the quality of life of the other tenants and act appropriately." Cancer cannot confirm that the tenant who first makes a complaint will receive preferential treatment from the administration. "If a tenant complains very often, he risks on the contrary, no longer being credible, and at most spoils it with the administration." If, on the other hand, he complains once in ten years, he will be given much more faith.

Have you already received an absurd complaint from a neighbor? Tell us about it!