How do I keep my fiancé

How can i make my man happy

The decisive question is rather, how do we manage to be happy ourselves!

To be happy is everyone's free choice.
It is the challenge that life poses to us - to be able to - to claim or demand this for us.

It is the feeling of serenity (of trust) to be so free in your decision at every moment and under every circumstance, to be able to feel happiness - free from fear of judgment and judgment, dependence and being driven.

Our soul longs for freedom - not for security (as is so often wrongly assumed).

And how do you make the other happy?
By showing him that it is his personality that defines him and not the circumstance in which you are currently.
Those who can share this and meet at eye level - meet each other in happiness!

Thanks again for your great words Joanna, they have been in the back of my head for a long time - it just took me a little longer (about 2 years have now passed) to internalize it ...
But to read it is one thing, to really feel it, the most important thing.
By the way: Since then, your card has been framed in a place that is very valuable to me and the key ring regularly attracts curious looks - not only at the supermarket checkout ...
It works!

♥ Kornelia