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Bachelor of Arts in Animation

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The animation course for the bachelor's degree at the Lucerne School of Art and Design takes 6 semesters, which corresponds to 180 ECTS. The course is made up of various modules that are both in-depth subject-specific to animation, as well as interdisciplinary (IDA and ISA modules) and (art and film) theory. Each semester is concluded with an end-of-semester presentation (SEP). Here you show in about 10 minutes in a concise, entertaining way, individually or in groups, your work that was created during the semester. The lecture-free time is used to prepare for the SEP, to complete or correct projects, or to work out your own animation-related areas of interest.

You have 6 years to complete the course. So there is the possibility of taking a year in between to earn money or gain life experience if necessary.

During your studies it is also possible to do internships or an exchange semester at one of our partner schools, if you wish. More on this on the Exchange sub-page.

Since some of the lessons will be held in English, international exchange students are visiting and the animation community is also international, a good knowledge of English is an advantage. So if you still have deficits in this regard, you should brush up your English as soon as possible. (e.g. corresponding courses at HSLU or Migros Club School).

  • Head of Department: Haas Jürgen
  • Character Design, Drawn Animation, Deputy Head of Department: Ehmann Jochen
  • Animation theory: Gasser Christian
  • Experimental animation, distribution and sale: Gockell Gerd
  • Storytelling: Winner Ted
  • Expanded animation: Chalet François
  • Drawn Animation: Klaiber Justine
  • Sound design: Gassmann Thomas, Visser Jeroen
  • CGI, NAKU Coordinator: Schwaller Christian
  • Technical Support: Aguirre Patxi, First Jean, Visser Jeroen
  • Artistic Assistant, Student Affairs, Rooms, Rental: Meier Daniela P.
  • Artistic Associate, Student Exchange, Internship: Mumford Jane

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