Which video game deserves a modern remaster

The top 7 games that deserve remake

Many old video games have remained in our memories to this day. We would like to pay some of them a visit again, but unfortunately they are getting on in years. You can find out which of them therefore need a new edition here.

In times of 1080p and ever more realistic graphics, it might be difficult for one or the other to be able to enjoy very old games as they did back then. Some development studios also know this, which is why so-called remastered editions or complete remakes are appearing more and more frequently. The Last of Us has finally been available as a revised version for the PS4 for a few days, Resident Evil 4 was given a general overhaul at the beginning of the year and given crisp textures and recently, Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, a completely new version of the PSone was released. Classic Abe's Odyssey. We think that such a beauty treatment would also do some other classics good, which is why we present you the top 7 games that we would like to see remake.

7. Space Invaders (by Amélie)

Demanding a remake of Space Invaders is downright sacrilege. Nevertheless, the ingeniously simple and therefore no less addicting gameplay can also be easily carried over into modern times. When did the last monumental alien invasion game finally come about? To do this, the new edition would simply have to use the best aspects and mechanics of numerous game genres in order to combine them into the ultimate anti-alien action title. A Space Invanders remake can easily follow in the footsteps of bombastic shooters like Gears of War, while fighting alternately on the surface of our blue planet and, as in the upcoming crowdfunding megaproject Star Citizen, in space. When the pulp charm of the recently released Earth Defense Force 2015 with its oversized robots and insect enemies is added, New Space Invaders is sure to be the best game of all time. At least.

6. Team Buddies (from Hannes)

Anyone who only knows the developers of Psygnosis (God bless the studio) from the beat-heavy curve breakers of the WipEout series, or, even worse, has never heard of them, should be ashamed and close the educational gap as soon as possible. The fun shooter / real-time strategy mix Team Buddies, which was released for PS One in 2000, is one of the less well-known titles from the extremely likeable creative collective. As a bean-like riot brush I collected boxes on the multiplayer maps for hours, stacked them apart in different positions and punched AI companions, weapons or even tanks from square resource substitutes. The small print run at the time now results in outrageous market prices of up to US $ 500 for a copy. A reinterpretation would put an end to this intolerable circumstance and a graphic refurbishment of a comic-like look has already been able to save the aesthetics of the modern with The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker.

5. Dune II (by Phil)

Unfortunately, real-time strategy is one of the genres that are hardly given any attention these days. In the late 90s and early 2000s, however, things looked very different, in addition to Command & Conquer, Empire Earth, StarCraft and Warcraft thrilled the players. However, this genre was more or less justified much earlier, more precisely in 1992. From today's perspective, Dune II was a real milestone based on the universe of the book Der Wüstenplanet by Frank Herberts. The gameplay was decisive for subsequent real-time strategy games and led to the fact that the genre could be made accessible to a wider mass. A remake has already been attempted, but none of them could hold a candle to the original. So it is time that a revised version of Dune II was finally realized, so that I can soon fight for the rule of the desert planet in a chic look as Atreidis, Harkonnen or Ordos.