Is there sugar in apple

Apple Watch 7: How it could measure blood sugar

Presumably in September 2021, Apple will introduce the latest generation of the Apple Watch. According to current rumors, the Series 7 should be equipped with a sensor to measure the wearer's blood sugar and inform them about it. Compared to previous methods, this should not be invasive, so that blood no longer has to flow to measure the blood sugar level. This should be done using infrared sensors.

This is what a new app could look like

In line with the rumors, 9to5Mac designer Parker Ortolani has come up with a new concept that shows what a new app could look like. In the process, he met Apple's typical design tone, which was already used for the EKG and shows the blood cells. A simple pressure on "Measure" should then determine the current value.

In Ortolani's eyes it should be possible to adjust the display so that the measured values ​​can be displayed as a list, bar or diagram. In addition, the current measured value should be displayed in large format, while it should also be shared at the push of a button.

The designer also wants the app to have notifications. Similar to the EKG or the heart rate monitor, the new application should also inform the user if the blood sugar level is too high or too low. In this way one could always take countermeasures in order to get the diabetes under control.

Of course, the feature is generally just a rumor, but Apple has been interested in it for a long time. According to Apple CEO Tim Cook, the company wants to advance further into the health sector and this could well be the next step in making the Apple Watch the ultimate health device.

What do you think of Parker Ortolani's concept? Does it seem coherent or is it just too much? Let us know in the comments.