Is It Safe To Eat Raw Ginger?

Can you eat ginger raw? Which amount is safe?

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Ginger is one of the popular medicinal plants, but there is still one question about vegetables. Can the tuber be consumed raw or is it safer to boil it beforehand? What quantities are edible and when can side effects occur?


Raw consumption?

Can ginger bulbs be eaten raw? You can of course eat the roots raw, but not in unlimited quantities. There are even health benefits to eating a few pieces of the tuber raw every now and then. Attention, please keep in mind that ginger is extremely hot and may cause slight irritation of the stomach lining.

Ginger properties

What are the advantages of the raw tuber?

Now that you know that the raw ginger root is not poisonous, you should now also get to know the beneficial properties of the root tuber. The most obvious advantage of eating raw is that all minerals and vitamins are retained. In addition, the raw tuber is not only non-toxic, but also really healthy.


Consuming raw ginger has the following advantages:

  • promotes blood circulation
  • relieves the symptoms of a cold
  • reduces nausea
  • improves muscle pain and is anti-inflammatory
  • has an aphrodisiac effect on some men

Eating the ginger tuber raw improves blood circulation

The essential oils in ginger widen the human blood vessels. In this way the blood circulation is improved and the blood pressure can drop by a few points.

Less cold symptoms

A cold is bothersome and tedious. The ginger tuber can help relieve the cough in particular. The gingerol contained in the tuber ensures a better solution of the mucus and helps to free the bronchi quickly.

Treating nausea naturally

Pregnant women in particular suffer significantly from nausea. Chemical preparations should not be taken to protect the baby. The use of raw ginger bulbs is helpful here. Prepared as tea or consumed pure, it helps to get the nausea symptoms under control quickly.Ginger capsules are also a popular alternative to chemical agents for travel sickness.

Consumption options

How can the ginger tuber be consumed?

There are some great ways you can eat ginger uncooked without eating the roots neat.

  • in the form of tea
  • in the form of soup
  • as an addition to Asian food
  • as an addition to the smoothie

Ginger tuber in tea

Ginger tea is very popular. However, the bag product is only half as good as fresh ginger roots. Simply boil your tea as you like and add a few thin slices of the root. The more slices, however, the hotter the tea will be.

Crunchy soup addition

The ginger tuber can be the finishing touch for a delicious soup, and not just in Asian cuisine. Just add a few slices to the soup like with tea and enjoy the natural heat.

Asian delights at the table

Seared dishes from the wok are not uncommon in Asia. The taste of ginger fits into almost every dish. For example, wok vegetables, which get a perfect aroma with the ginger tuber, are very popular.

Freshness kick thanks to a smoothie

You can find them in every supermarket and yet you can easily make them yourself. We're talking about smoothies. With a few slices of ginger, smoothies not only get a spicy taste, they are even healthier. Here, too, the degree of spiciness depends on the amount used.

Side effects

Side effects from raw ginger bulbs

A guideline for how much ginger tuber you can consume daily is between five and ten grams, this amount is completely non-toxic and does not cause any problems. Even amounts of up to 50 grams rarely cause side effects.

If these occur, it is usually about:

  • heartburn
  • nausea
  • stomach pain
  • Flatulence