Technology is a good thing

Digital ideas for a good cause: These are the participants of "digital.engagiert"

160 non-profit organizations and social enterprises applied for the “digital.engagiert” funding initiative from Amazon and Stifterverband by December 2017 - the jury selected 15 projects and invited them to participate in the coaching program. All applicants want to advance the digitization of civil society with innovative ideas - the selection was correspondingly difficult.

These are the 15 participants of "digital.engagiert", whom we will now support for six months with a personal coach and an extensive coaching program:

DayCare Technology gUG

The team behind “DayCare Technology” has a vision: With the help of virtual reality, people with disabilities can experience places that are otherwise hardly accessible to them.

Kultur Life gGmbH

Interactive learning in easy language: The team behind the “Power of Language” project by Kultur Life gGmbH wants to create equal opportunities on the job market. Learning software enables people with disabilities to successfully participate in digital application processes - against social exclusion and for an inclusive job market.

innatura gGmbH

Abundance meets need - “innatura” arranges donations in kind for social purposes. "Donate instead of throwing away" should be the guiding principle of decision-makers in manufacturing and trading companies. The team behind "innatura" is working on this and would like to scale their idea. The challenge here: the expansion of logistics and IT support for the processes.

Vostel Volunteering UG

The “” platform provides effective volunteer work - regardless of previous and language skills and time budget. With the help of "digital.engagiert", the team wants to scale its own work and develop into an important contact and qualification point for volunteer work and corporate volunteering.

Ginsheim-Gustavsburger Tafel e.V.

With the project “SOLVE! Arrange donations in kind online “Organize furniture donations more efficiently and cost-effectively through an online platform - by spending less time and reducing travel and storage costs. The refugee project team wants to professionalize the association with the help of digital solutions.

Fearless Democracy e.V.

With the “HateAid” project, the “Fearless Democracy” team would like to provide a support platform for people who are being bullied digitally - a digital contact point for those affected that provides self-protection and orientation.

active e.V.

tatkräftig e.V. is an association that operates on the principle of “1 team. 1 day. 1 goal. ”Groups of volunteers networked with non-profit organizations that need help. With the help of "digital.engagiert" the service is to be automated and scaled so that the work becomes more visible and is available to a wider audience.

Enactus, Leibniz University Hannover e.V.

The student initiative "Enactus" wants to improve the world on a small scale through entrepreneurial projects. The "Pfandschaf (f) t" project aims to make it easier to donate deposits by using digital tools to connect depositors and deposit collectors. This not only makes deposit collecting easier, but also more efficient for everyone involved.

Social Orange

Documentation is a time-consuming process in social work - and it is not infrequently in conflict with the actual task: supporting people. By digitizing and automating the documentation, the actual tasks should be strengthened and people should be relieved of social work.

Data Science for Social Good Berlin

"Data Science for Social Good" helps non-profit organizations to benefit from the advantages of data-informed work - by networking with experts in this field. The initiators organize digital events and workshops for their “project reach”, in which civil society actors are networked with data experts.

LandesSportBund Niedersachsen e.V.

The "LandesSportBund Niedersachsen e.V." wants to simplify the administrative work in voluntary work by developing an online branch solution with small and medium-sized state associations. In addition, volunteers and club members can deal with association or club affairs at any time, saving time from home or on the go. So that it is not administrative tasks, but the development work and the design of sport and exercise in clubs and associations that shape their commitment.

KARL, the eco-bot

Environmental protection is important to many people, but they often do not know exactly what they can change in concrete terms in order to act in this way. The team from “KARL, der Ökobot” would like to provide personalized recommendations for action and tips with the help of bot technology - so that intentions become actions.

Ackerdemia e.V.

The multi-award-winning educational program “Vegetable Farming Demie” aims to combine the analog world with digital learning opportunities. While each educational institution continues to cultivate a field on site, the participants receive individualized, location-related and needs-based information digitally.

Turning Tables Germany

“Turning Tables” is an international NGO that carries out innovative music and film projects with marginalized young people in five countries. Now the initiators want to set up a mobile container studio in Germany and teach young people how to use digital technology to express their worries, hopes and dreams in a self-determined and creative way in self-produced music and film media.

Phineo gAG

Impact measurement in the area of ​​public benefit is becoming more and more important. The “Phineo's” Wirk-O-Meter is intended to be an online test that organizations can use to determine the impact of their work. The test is intended to enable a playful approach to topics and to provide some individualized feedback on the degree of effectiveness. The entries are saved anonymously, which allows for sector-specific analyzes to be carried out later.

These project ideas from digitally committed people and organizations show how digitization benefits non-profit organizations and social enterprises. Amazon and the Stifterverband are looking forward to supporting them financially and ideally in the coming half-year - up to the closing event, at which additional prize money will be awarded for three projects.