What are Croatian wedding traditions

Pure celebration mood: this is how you celebrate a Croatian wedding

Have you always wanted to experience a Croatian wedding? Then let's go - the likeable Munich photo blogger Katharina takes you to a boisterous wedding in Croatia.

Experience a really great experience report with wonderful photos and a lot of wedding atmosphere that will sweep you away!

Celebrate according to all the rules of the art: a Croatian wedding

You could say that the Croatians from Herzegovina are crazy about weddings. Every year I am invited here to at least two Croatian weddings. They come from everywhere - also from abroad, mainly from Austria, Germany and Switzerland, as soon as an invitation flutters into the house. Therefore, a guest list of 300 to 700 names is common.

This year it was my cousin Mijo's turn - I don't know how many degrees. He married the beautiful Ivona, who wore a beautiful dress with a daring neckline, but first things first ...

For me, the hustle and bustle of the Croatian wedding began at lunchtime at the groom's. From the other end of the village one could hear the happy chants and the musicians. You can see chic hairstyles, elegant dresses and dizzying pencil heels everywhere. People laugh, gossip and sing.

A tent has plates of burek, pršut and biscuits ready, and trays of drinks are available. Then it goes on in a horned motorcade waving the flag to the bride. Everyone is waiting eagerly in front of the house. When Ivona finally appears, the couple are led into a tent. People eat, drink and sing a lot again. While the accordion player heats up the atmosphere, the bridal couple disappears into the fields for a romantic photo shoot.

The wedding of Mijo & Ivona

There is not much time left, however, because we are about to go to church for the wedding. Ivona looks very enchanting in her lace wedding dress and the bridal bouquet of orchids!

The ceremony is over quickly and finally there is a cheeky kiss on the cheek at the Croatian wedding.

Honking at the wedding location

With an exuberant horn concert, the column drives on to the restaurant. Here you have to get hold of a table that is big enough for your own family. Not that easy with 550 guests! With thunderous applause and loud singing, the bride and groom move in to the song “Večeras je naša fešta” and the first dance is performed.

Finally - Mijo kisses Ivona overjoyed - there is a thunderstorm of flashlights. Finally the magical wedding cake can be cut.

Wedding celebration with party until dawn

The guests gather on the dance floor to dance the kolo. Around midnight, the bride and groom climb into the armchairs with the groomsmen. They exen their glasses and then smash them on the floor. Such wedding customs make Croatian weddings special: The mood is at its peak and culminates in the bride's bouquet throwing.

The older guests leave, but the younger ones of the friends and family stay with the bride and groom until dawn.

© Text and photos: Katharina Vukadin

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