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Celebrities as investors: coffee trip for startups with Mesut Özil

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Ever since Hollywood star Aston Kutcher or pop great Justin Timberlake invested money and good names here and there in start-ups and networks, we have known that this can pay off for a start-up with at least a little glamor and PR.

Celebrities as investors, that is what the celebrity marketing agency Kaiorize wants to bring into business in Germany. To do this, she brings international players Mesut Özil, Toni Kroos and Mario Götze on board for a “Celebrity for Equity” lounge in Berlin. But it has more in common with a digital coffee trip.

Kaiorize, which once started with the "Celebrity Product Placement" concept "Swap celebrities for product" with charity character and boasts a number of contacts in the world of celebrities, presents its investor coffee round, which then takes place out of the box UG is carried out as follows:

Start-ups that have to apply beforehand pitch in front of a celebrity jury in Berlin.

If you want to be a start-up, you pay a participation fee of 500 euros. Think of it like an expensive entrance fee to a posh disco that you are happy to pay because the place is rumored to be full of stars. But I'm getting ahead.

Whoever convinces the celebrities can hope for an investment. Not automatically, of course. It's all a matter of negotiation. What works and what doesn't, the ladies and gentlemen then decide among themselves.

As an investment, the celebrity (initially) only gives his name. But the start-up pays for it. The organizer confidently compares the exchange of the image of celebrities for shares in the company and / or in the turnover with "Media for Equity" and of course finds plenty of room in its press release for examples of US success.

The list of celebrities sniffing around in Berlin sounds tempting at first. Who wouldn't want to do business with Mesut Özil or Cro panda mask?

But they shouldn't even be there at the event. Sami Khedira, Mario Götze, Toni Kroos, Marco Reus, Mesut Özil and Cro are represented by the management. Credible engagement sounds different. Ashton Kutcher at least knows that his passion for start-ups goes beyond the usual interest in a testimonial for shampoo advertising.

And: The list of other celebrities does not guarantee attendance. "The listed celebrities and their management have agreed to participate in the event according to the registration form or have expressed their interest in receiving the documents retrospectively in the event of absence," says the small print. After all, Dana Schweiger should be there. She is a co-owner of Kaiorize.

For the organizers, the "Come Together" could be a profitable business. It is not only the participation fee that counts. If it comes to a deal, Out of the Box UG also demands a commission of 20% of the remuneration agreed between the celebrity and the company. The commission amount is customary in the market.

In the jury, and that at least gives hope that the Klinkenputzer event does not quite reach the level of heater and rheumatic blanket advertising trips, the esteemed founder of the scene editor-in-chief Joel Kaczmarek is also part of the jury. But maybe he will only be used as a testimonial for the event. That would at least come full circle. The agency, she says of herself, knows a thing or two about 360-degree marketing.


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