Which books should I buy for biochemistry?


PERCONTRAInternet accesspriceSpringer-Layout -> Text well divided into small subject blocks, lots of memory boxes, tables, summaries, pictures on each pageapprox. 1200 pagesReference and reference work, also beyond the pre-clinical stageGoes very deep, very difficult for students without prior knowledge, high expenditure of time when learningAlso ideal as a source for presentationsThe advantage of going into detail is that you learn to understand, sometimes the supposed little thing triggers the “aha” effectChemical basics are hardly explained at allIn the subject index, keywords are also listed according to their thematic overlap -> differentiated searchHowever, no page numbers are highlighted in bold in the subject index to indicate where the main topics are dealt with.current edition quite new, research results up to datePoster with all of the biochemical cycles that are essential for medical professionalsMany authors principle, writing style inconsistentSummaries at each end of a sectionno ribbon bookmarkMany chapters end with a short section on pathobiochemistryIn terms of content, pathobiochemistry only includes what is required for the physics course