What are some common chess strategies

Dealing with chess strategies is pointless!

that there is not even the slightest hint of a serious approach here, which puts the functioning of the chart technique on a demonstrable (mathematical) basis. With the multitude of gamblers and lucky knights who hang around here, I somehow expected or at least hoped for that. As you can read almost every day in the TTT thread, there are people here who, recognizable by their language of expression (always a delight for me personally), mime the experts and seem to be very familiar with the subject. It would certainly be of great advantage for everyone here if a comprehensible approach should finally succeed.

I mean with statements that are often at the end of such a discussion or are even offered to beginners as an introduction, such as "you have to develop a feeling for this", you really can't do anything useful. You can also safely do without the special literature recommendations (which are always used when you don't know what to do yourself), because after all Ariva offers enough space for your own thoughts, even if the time factor (whether in the chart technique itself or the time span from full to empty portemanie) can definitely have a hindering effect and if not even THE determining element.

In such "deals" that have time as an opponent, the chances of success were and are negligible. In zero-sum games, which also cause significant additional costs, the chance of permanently treading the loser's road is very high and, viewed from this bird's eye view, the mathematical proof of a permanent profit (on average) can be excluded. In the end, chart technology is nothing more than an attempt to infer future developments from the past or, in other words, to represent psychology with numbers. The shorter the period under consideration, the lower the chances of success.

In this context, where are first-henri and all the many other grenades that Ariva was allowed to endure in this "field" in his lifetime?

For me there really only remains one recommendation to be made, namely that one should not waste one's time pointlessly on such things. In the end, in addition to the often not inconsiderable financial losses, there will also be the frustrating realization that you have lost time and other important things. Well, unless the Ariva gurus and other "experts" in this field can really offer you something tangible. So far, however, they have not gotten beyond general phrases.