How can diversity be achieved

Diversity management: Diversity management in five steps

Diversity management in five steps

The following steps for the introduction of an efficient diversity management have proven themselves:

1st step: Define goals and put together a team
"At the beginning, the companies have to define what an appreciative corporate culture could look like in their company and the achievement of which company goals should be supported with it," says Aletta von Hardenberg. The following applies: The better the managers and employees can be involved in this vision, the easier it is later to put the selected measures into practice and the greater the entrepreneurial success. In addition, a team should be put together that is responsible for the identification, planning and implementation of the diversity projects and processes.

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Step 2: Analyze the current situation

Hardenberg's Diversity Director's Charter recommends finding out with the following four questions whether employees are already aware of the company's diversity and whether it appreciates it positively:
• Who is employed in the company and what qualifications are still missing so that the company goals can be achieved?
• What requirements must be met so that the workforce can and wants to develop their potential optimally?
• How well are the basic conditions already met?
• What has to change in the company so that the remaining requirements can be met?

Step 3: Define a strategy

Now is the time to define specific measures with which each individual employee in the company can contribute to achieving the diversity goals that have been set. Here are some examples:
• An intercultural calendar is created that lists the holidays of all religions represented in the company
• Employee tandems are formed from Germans and migrants.
• Workshops provide information about the customs of individual cultures.
• Managers speak on the intranet and in public about the opportunities that diversity offers the company.
• An ideas competition on the topic encourages employees to actively shape it.
• A set of questions on the topic of cultural diversity is included in the guidelines for employee interviews.

It is also important to set up a time frame, to integrate milestones into it and to define the human and financial resources for diversity management.

4th step: implement strategy

If the previously selected measures are put into practice, it is important to involve all affected persons as far as possible. Uncertainties and resistance should be taken up and reduced.

Step 5: measure success

Whether diversity works in a company can be measured using various key figures: sales, market share, but also the fluctuation rate or the sickness rate of the workforce. An employee survey can also be used to determine how comfortable the individual feels at his or her workplace. And in discussion groups or forums, it quickly becomes clear whether the diversity approach will prevail in the company.